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Amanda Bynes has talked for the first time about her drug problem and how it ruined her career in acting. The child actor, now 32 years, retired from acting in 2010 and filled her spare time criticizing celebrities and her family in twitter. Looking back, she feels “ashamed and embarrassed”.

“I can’t turn back time but if I could, I would. And I’m so sorry to whoever I hurt and whoever I lied about because it truly eats away at me”

She now claims that she has been clean for four years now and will be focusing on her career at acting. She also expresses her dream to run her own fashion line.

Amanda Bynes sister Jillian Bynes started acting way before Amanda came of her age. They used to read lines together during rehearsal. However, Jillian Bynes didn’t make her own name in the entertainment world. So who is Amanda Bynes sister Jillian Bynes? Is she married? What is her net worth?

Find answers to these questions as you explore Jillian Bynes wiki facts.

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Who is Jillian Bynes married to??

Jillian Bynes married Brandon O’Keefe in a grand wedding ceremony. When she was getting married, her sister Amanda was her bridesmaid. The wedding ceremony took place on July 26, 2008.

Jillian Bynes being a private person, has not revealed details of her wedding ceremony. Neither has she said revealed any information about her husband. However, the couple seems to have a blissful married life.

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Jillian Bynes Family: Parents and Siblings

Jillian Bynes is the second daughter of her parents Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ. Her father Rick worked as a dentist while her mother took care of the children when growing up.

Talking about Jillian Bynes siblings, she has an older brother, Tommy Bynes and a younger sister, Amanda Bynes. Amanda Bynes age is 32 years. An uprising star, Amanda Bynes lost her ways when she fell victim to drugs in 2010. Since then she had been involved in many controversies and has run into troubles with laws. In 2014, she tweeted that her father ‘sexually abused’ her.

This left the two siblings Jillian and Tommy Bynes awestruck. They quickly defended their father, claiming that “they had the most wonderful parents who ever lived”.

Soon after Tommy Bynes and Jillian Bynes defended their parents, Amanda retracted and apologized for her behavior. After the incident, Jillian Bynes and her sister have been estranged.

Tommy Bynes age is 45 years. He is a private person and doesn’t share his private life with the public.

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Jillian Bynes Wiki-Bio

Jillian Bynes age is 35 years. According to Jillian Bynes wiki, she is of American nationality and was born in Thousand Oaks, California. She was born in 1983 and celebrates her birthday on February 1.

The second child of her parents Lynn Organ and Rick Bynes, Jillian attended the University of California, Los Angeles after graduating her high school.

Since a young age, Jillian Bynes liked acting. So she joined community theatre and acted in plays. She made her debut in the play “Wait Until Dark”. When she was rehearsing for the play, she used to recite lines with the help of her younger sister Amanda Bynes.

However, in the days following, Amanda Bynes shadowed her sister’s career in acting. Jillian would also step down from acting and pursue an academic career.

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Jillian Bynes Net Worth

Jillian Bynes though started out to become an actress, didn’t pursue her career in it. She completed her education and had a job. But there are not many details available regarding what Jillian Bynes job is. But it sure contributes to her net worth.

However, Jillian Bynes net worth at the moment is unknown. There have been no official sources that have estimated Jillian Bynes net worth. However, her sister Amanda Bynes net worth is estimated at $6 million.

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