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Last Updated On November 18, 2018

Tony Dokoupil is an American TV journalist, who works as the correspondent for the CBS News. Prior to working for the CBS News, he was the national reporter for MSNBC where he covered many national stories lightning fast.

Tony Dokoupil net worth is the evidence of his successful professional life. As he was working for the MSNBC, he fell in love with a fellow journalist and eventually got married. It has been a year since Tony Dokoupil married his wife. But are they having children any time soon?

Continue reading to explore Tony Dokoupil wiki facts, wife and children.


Tony Dokoupil Katy Tur Wedding

In 2015, Tony Dokoupil was a correspondent for MSNBC. It was at this time he met his wife Katy Tur. Tony Dokoupil met his to-be-wife Katy in the makeup room at MSNBC. Soon after, Tony Dokoupil and Katy Tur started dating and fell in love with each other.

As the relationship was progressing steadily, Tony decided to take the next step. He got to his one knee and popped the question to Katy on 28 January 2017. The couple didn’t wait long to get married. Tony Dokoupil married Katy Tur in October 2017.

Tony Dokoupil Katy Tur wedding ceremony took place in the middle of a desert. Tony Dokopuil and his wife Katy Tur wanted a quiet place for their wedding. They didn’t want to be disturbed by the cell phones calls and neither bored to death with the talks about politics.

And the best place they found was in the middle of Utah desert. It has been more than a year since Tony Dokoupil married his wife Katy Tur. However, there is no news on children. It seems that it is not a good time for Tony and Katy to have children right away.

They seem to be focusing on advancing their career before they can secure a safe life for their children

What is Tony Dokoupil Salary? Explore Tony Dokoupil Net Worth

Tony Dokoupil started working as a news reporter and correspondent for NBC news. Soon after, he became the lead reporter of MSNBC. Being a top reporter, we can say that Tony Dokoupil receives a huge salary, as huge as six-figure salary.

Now he’s correspondent for CBS news channel. The earnings from his job contributes to his net worth.

Tony Dokoupil has also published a book called ‘The Last Pirate’, the earnings from which contributes to his net worth.

However, Tony Dokoupil net worth and salary remains a guarded fact. But her spouse, Katy Tur net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Tony Dokoupil Wiki-Bio, Age, Height

Name Tony Dokoupil
Age 36 y/o
Birthday 1982
Height 5 ft.11 in
Weight 187.393 lbs
Net Worth in millions
Wife Katy Tur
Children No
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


Tony Dokoupil age is 36 years. According to Tony Dokoupil wiki, he is of American nationality and born in Miami, Florida. He was born in 1982. His parents are Anthony Edward Dokoupil and Ana Dokoupil.

Tony Dokoupil had a luxury life until he was nine years of age. He lived in a lavish condo in Miami and attended a private school with the children of the president George H.W. Bush. However, life soon spiraled downwards for Tony.

Before he celebrated his tenth birthday, he had to move to Maryland with his mother. Turns out his father Anthony Edward had lost all the money to drugs. Tony’s father Anthony Edward was a drug addict. He made millions in smuggling marijuana in and out of the country for more than a decade.

Tony grew up with his mother after his father left them. He attended The George Washington University School of Business and graduated in 2003 with a double major in marketing and communications. A year later, in 2005, he graduated his master degree from the Columbia University and earned a fellowship for Ph.D. in media studies. He started working for NBC news in June 2013.

He contributed as a reporter for three years with NBC news. After that, he was the national reporter for MSNBC in 2015 and eventually he became the network’s lead reporter. He has covered many national stories including the Paris Climate Agreement, the US Presidential primaries, and the Flint Water Crisis.

In August 2016, he left MSNBC and joined CBS News. Currently, he works as the CBS News correspondent.



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