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Zack Dobbins wiki, bio, age, height

Last Updated On 19th March 2020

Zack Dobbins is an American singer from Clay, West Virginia, who is a contestant on American Idol season 18, who won both the hearts of the judges and the viewers.

American Idol 2020 Zack Dobbins is a resident of Clay, West Virginia, and his age is 18 years old.

Zack Dobbins’s introduction on American Idol 2020 says, he was born in music. His grandfather playing bluegrass with his friend. Music is a hobby of his. Zack Dobbins was never in Hollywood and never flew on a plane. He is an ordinary person.

He’s not a fancy dress. If joining American Idol made him big and popular, he would want a single large trailer in one acre of land.

American Idol 2020 Zack Dobbins Quick Facts

Age 18
Birthplace Clay, West Virginia
Ethnicity White
Marital status Unmarried
Nationality American
Height 1.78m, 5’10”

Zack Dobbins American Idol Audition

Dobbins sang an original song entitled “Miss Need” during his audition. Luke Bryan helped him tune up his guitar until he began chanting. With his performance he wowed the judges and got three quick yeses and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

When asked by Luke Bryan if he knows the word Vibrato, Dobbins replied by saying he knows nothing about music but that he likes to do it.

“Zack, I assume you don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t think you need to know what you’re doing, “he told Katy Parry. “You have a son. You’re just so honest. Sure, they’re polished, lots of these people out here. They were at some school of beauty. Blah, blah, blah. We learn. We can’t sing half as well as you.” “Let me ask what you’ve done. That was great for me, “he told Lionel Richie. You’re giving us pure and true heart and soul, and you’re just like you.”

“Let me tell you what you’ve done. For me, that was awesome, “said Lionel Richie. “You’re showing us true heart and soul and you’re just like you.” Luke Bryan concluded by telling him they’re going to teach him to sing along the way. “. “I don’t want to make you adjust.” But? “I’ve seen their fingernails. We got to get out of your fingernails the tar, “he said jokingly.

Zack Dobbins Instagram

Zack Dobbins is active on instagram. He currently has over 4300 instagram followers and has over 48 posts. He is a guy from West Virginia.

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How Old Is American Idol 2020 Zack Dobbins?

American Idol 2020 Zack Dobbins’s age is 18 years old, though the exact date of birth and his birthday is yet to be revealed.

Zack Dobbins Family

The Dobbins are from a family of music. “I grew up in music, because my grandfather was playing bluegrass. And then it was my dad who played. No more detail on his family is being given.

Zack Dobbins Music

Having grown up in music, Dobbin s disclosed his love for music. “You just have to do whatever you want. And if nobody likes it, then it’s too bad because you’re doing it.’ He admitted he’d never been to Hollywood and never flew on a plane and he didn’t know about what the competition was all about. “I didn’t know exactly what all this was. I figured at the end, like, it was a plaque or something.

“I was really confused… If I go to get big to popular, I’m going to have a single-wide trailer on a flat hectare of land, so I can only drive the mower back and forth. So I will always have the same lorry. It’s running just a little better, “Dobbins announced.



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