Moonshiners Chico 2023 Updates, Where Is Chico Moonshiners Now?

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Deep in the woods of Appalachia, numbers of Americans take part in a secret tradition illegally brewing their own alcohol using traditional techniques. Follow their adventures in the captivating series Moonshiners, where you‘ll get a glimpse of the mysterious and thrilling world of moonshining.

Moonshiners is an electrifying American docudrama series that takes viewers deep into the hidden hills of Appalachia. From the risk-taking ‘shiners’ determined to keep their family recipes alive, to the law enforcement officials determined to take them down, this series offers a captivating look at the secret lives of modern-day bootleggers.

Chico and his wife were the frequent cast of the show Moonshiners until Season 8. Chico and his wife’s sudden departure from the show leaves viewers to reminisce about the good ole days of season 3.

So what happened to Chico and his wife, and why did they decide to take a break from Moonshiners? 

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Why Chico Is Missing From the Latest Season of ‘Moonshiners’?

Moonshiners viewers were left wondering where some of their favorite characters had gone. One of the most noticeable omissions was Chico and his wife whose absence left a gaping hole in the show.

After eight seasons of captivating viewers with his wild antics, Chico and his wife Sondra have decided to take a break from Moonshiners. While his absence is leaving fans wanting more, the backwoods bootlegger is taking some muchneeded time to focus on his family and business.

Moonshiners Chico and his wife
Moonshiners Chico and his wife Sondra

With Chico safely tucked away in the mountains of Virginia, his beloved stills are no longer running, and his trademark sass has been replaced with a more laidback attitude. But fans can rest assured that Chico‘s unique brand of entertainment will be back in full force when he returns to Moonshiners.

What Is Moonshiners Chico and His Wife Sondra Doing Now?

Since his departure from the limelight, Chico has been living a life of anonymity. It‘s been two years since he last posted an update on his Facebook page, leaving many to wonder what he‘s been up to.

Many of his fans and followers are concerned of his whereabouts like what kind of adventures has he embarked on latley. What exciting new experiences has he encountered?

It‘s time for Chico to make an appearance and share his story!

Likewise, according to his wife Sondra’s Facebook page, it seems that the couple welcomed a child together. In November, Moonshiners Chico’s wife Sondra posted a picture of her son, which she captioned:

“To everyone that has been wondering what we have been up to here he is. Everyone meet my new baby boy Wyatt.” 

Moonshiners Chico and His Wife Sondra new born
Chico and his wife Sondra newborn baby

After taking a step back from the limelight of reality television to focus on raising their family, Chico, and his wife Sondra continued to pursue their passion for whiskymaking. Their dedication to the craft has led to the creation of a unique and delicious blend of whisky, sure to tantalize the taste buds of any whisky connoisseur.

Reportedly, Chico and Olde Towne Distillery have joined forces to craft a unique spirit Spirit Whisky.