Bryan Chatfield Sanders Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth 2019

Bryan Chatfield Sanders net worth

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INTERESTING FACTS ON Bryan Chatfield Sanders wiki, bio, age, height, what does Sarah Sanders husband Bryan Chatfield Sanders do and how much is his net worth 2019

Sarah Sanders husband Bryan Chatfield is an American Republican political consultant who is best known for his high-profile works on GOP campaigns which include his father-in-law’s run for the presidency.

Chatfield throughout the years has managed to make a name for himself as one of the rising stars in the political game.

The Kansas native began his political career as a staff member for Samuel Dale Brownback. From there on he was promoted to the position of Samuel’s Brownback’s press assistant. But then he joined Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign after Samuel dropped out.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Wife Sarah Sanders To Leave The White House!

In news that has left the public divided in opinions, it was announced the Sarah Sanders is set to leave the White House and her job as the White House Secretary. President Donald Trump confirmed Sarah’s news via Twitter. ON 14 June 2019, President confirmed that Sarah would be leaving the White House at the end of this month after three and a half years.

After the announcement, Twitter was divided as many accused Sarah of misleading the public on behalf of Trump. Despite such criticisms, Sarah’s work in the White House has been appreciated by everyone, including the President himself and will surely be missed in the coming time.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders and Sarah Sanders Relationship

Bryan Chatfield is a married man. And his wife is none other than the controversial outgoing Whitehouse Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

The pair first met while working together on Sarah’s father Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign in 2008. The couple kept working together until Mike’s campaign was over and started dating by the time the campaign ended.

Bryan and Sarah, who got engaged in 2009, walked down the wedding chapel and got married on the 25th of May 2010 in the Virgin Islands.

Further along the road, Bryan became the parents of three kids: daughter Scarlett (born on the 10th of May 2012), sons William (born on the 16th of October 2013) and George (born on the 8th of June 201).


As of now, Bryan, along with his wife Sarah and his three children are living their best lives as one big family.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders Wiki, Bio, Age, Height

Bryan Chatfield reportedly was born in 1982 in Kansas, but his birthday is still a mystery. Sources report Bryan Chatfield Sanders birthday to be on the 10th of December. Later, he grew up in Johnson County City, Mission Woods.

Very little is known about Bryan’s family life and his parents. He chooses to often stay out of the spotlight unlike his wife Sarah who’s father Mike Huckabee, one of the members in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Chatfield graduated from the Shawnee Mission East High School in 2002. He also holds a degree in media from Colby College. When it comes to his height, Bryan, age 35, stands at 1.73 meters tall and is of white ethnicity.

How Much Is Bryan Chatfield Sanders Net Worth 2019?

As mentioned before, Bryan is an American Republican political consultant who first began his job as a staff member for Samuel Dale Brownback. And later, he was promoted as Samuel’s press assistant.

After Samuel dropped out from the campaign, Samuel joined Mike’s Huckabee’s presidential campaign where he met his now wife.

In 2009, Bryan started a new job as he was hired by the political media firm The Wickers Group. His smart and strategic management resulted in the 2010 Alabama gubernatorial election campaign for Republican Robert J. Bentley.

Later in 2012, Bryan started managing the campaign for Ted Yoho who at the time was contesting in Florida’s 3rd District. Bryan created an advertisement called PIGS, which was a hit amongst the political world.

He was labeled one of the Rising Stars In American Politics, and his ads were also declared one of the best political ads of the year by the Washington Post.

Moreover, in 2016, Bryan along with his wife Sarah opened a consulting firm named Second Street Strategies which aims in structuring strategies, research, polling, message development, advertising campaign management, and placement for candidates.

The firm currently remains on hold as a result of Sarah’s work as the White House press secretary, but now that it has been announced that Sarah will depart from said position, the firm could start its operations in the coming months.

So when it comes to an understanding of how much is Bryan Chatfield Sanders net worth, although the official numbers remain undisclosed, it would be safe to say that the numbers could be in the range of millions.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders wife Sarah has a net worth of $1.5 million, and Bryan could possess a similar number as well.


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