Is Massy Arias Still Married To Her Husband Stefan Williams?

Massy Arias Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Last Modified On: November 21, 2018

Who Is Massy Arias?

Massy Arias is one of the most sought-after fitness and health coaches and a self-taught trainer, entrepreneur, and model.

Besides being an inspirational Insta-celeb, Massy Arias is famous for gracing the cover of several magazines including American lifestyle magazine Latina. 

Unlike other fitness gurus, this self-taught trainer started going to the gym to cope with her depression. As reported by Shape, before finding revelation in fitness, Arias was so depressed she locked herself for nearly a year.

Just after a couple of years, the tattooed beauty is able to amass millions of followers on Instagram and the number is climbing up every day.

Is Massy Arias vegan? Is Massy Arias married? Who is Massy Arias husband? We have everything you need to know about her personal and family life.

Besides, get updated about Massy Arias wiki, bio, age, and height. Alongside, see her income and net worth.


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When Did Massy Arias Get Married?

The Instagram fitness sensation Massy Arias first confirmed her marital status through Twitter in 2016. Massy Arias revealed that she was already married but hadn’t officially walked down the aisle with her husband.

So who is Massy Arias husband? Is Massy Arias husband also into the fitness industry? The answer is YES. In fact, Massy Arias husband is also a sought-after fitness trainer in America.

From her social media updates, it is understood that ‘MankoFit’  Massy Arias is married to Stefan Williams. Massy Arias husband Stefan Williams can be found with the username of willy_beamen on Instagram.

Similar to his wife, Stefan Williams has a massive online following. At present, almost 120k people watch his every move on various social media.

Apart from his individual popularity, Massy Arias husband Stefan Williams is well-known for supporting his wife’s inspirational endeavor. When Massy Arias was starting her fitness empire from scratch, her husband Stefan Williams aided her in every possible way.

As per reports, Stefan Williams Massy Arias husband made up the websites, designed the graphics for her work out plans, and negotiated the contract papers.

Massy Arias husband Stefan Williams is also co-founder of Tru Supplements- an entrepreneurial venture that supplies plant-based protein.

On March 2, 2017,  Massy Arias and her husband, Stefan welcomed their first child. Even their infant daughter has an official Instagram page called @growingupindi. The baby’s name is Indira Sarai and she has 109k followers at present.


Amy Elizabeth Jackson aka @theallamericanbadgirl 

Andrea Espada aka @andreaespadatv

Instagram Sensation Corazon Kwamboka aka @corazon_kwamboka

Is Massy Arias vegan?

Time and again researches and studies have proven that diet is more important than exercise when it comes to maintaining figure and weight.

Though the rigorous workout has given a fit-muscular frame to her, we can’t refuse, Massy Arias’s body is an epitome of perfection.

Is Massy Arias really a vegan? The first time she indicated going vegan was on 19 September 2015.

Following this tweet, Massy Arias pledged to become a committed Vegan from the beginning of 2016.

However, after a year on November 7, 2017, she opened about her struggled journey of Veganism on Instagram. We understand her situation. After all, being Vegan isn’t easy for anyone- not even for a Health Coach.

Massy Arias Wiki, Bio Age, Birthday, Height

Real Name Massiel Indhira Arias
Age 29 Years
Birthday November 23, 1988
Height 1.75 m
Weight 121.254 lbs
Married Yes
Husband Stefan Williams
Nationality Dominican-American
Ethnicity Black
Net Worth  $350 thousand


Born on November 23, 1988, the famous fitness guru originally comes from San Domingo, Dominican Republic. Massy moved to the United States on 2004.

The inspiring health coach had a troubled childhood as her parents divorced at the time of her birth. Arias has three older brothers. In age, Arias is 29 years at present

As per Massy Arias wiki, Arias stands at a modest height of 1.75 m or 5 feet 7 inches.

Massy Arias Net Worth

Massy Arias net worth as reported by sources is $350 thousand in 2018. However, with her ever-increasing fan following, Massy Arias net worth figure is expected to rise in coming days.

Massy Arias brand Tru Supplements is gradually getting a bigger market. In a couple of years, Massy Arias net worth is speculated to hit a millionaire status.


Amy Elizabeth Jackson aka @theallamericanbadgirl 

Andrea Espada aka @andreaespadatv

Instagram Sensation Corazon Kwamboka aka @corazon_kwamboka



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