Nadya Dorofeeva (Vladimir Dantes Wife) Bio, Career & Family

Nadya Dorofeeva (Vladimir Dantes Wife) Bio, Career & Family

Every man wants to meet a single woman. And it is especially desirable to date a Ukrainian woman. Why? Just because these girls are amazing.

And a girl from today’s article is a good example of this. Nadya Dorofeeva is a singer of the band “Vremya & Steklo” and a charming girl. She is bright and sexy. For her, music is a disease that no doctor can cure. So, let’s take a closer look at this singer.


She is a Ukrainian singer, designer, and video blogger. This girl was born on April 21, 1990, in Simferopol. At first, little Nadia dreamed of being a deputy. Then she wanted to become a dancer. Seeing this desire of a daughter, the parents took the girl to the studio of ballroom dancing and the vocal school. At the age of 12, Dorofeeva was already singing in a nightclub.

Participation in a large number of vocal and musical competitions and festivals (where the girl took prizes) allowed Nadya to become a jury member at 14 years old and evaluate the abilities of other young singers.

At the age of 15, she began her professional career in the youth group.

After school, Dorofeeva entered the Moscow University of Culture and Arts, where she received a diploma of higher education.


In 2010, the girl was incredibly lucky. She participated in the casting of the famous Ukrainian composer and got in the duet called “Vremya & Steklo”. Each song and album of the band was successful and got hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Yes, Nadya Dorofeeva hit the jackpot, but it would be strange if everything went smoothly and without problems. There were also creative crises when the singer quarreled with the producer Potap. When emotions were spilled out, the song “Imya 505” was released and the band got a new start.

Nadya is very happy that she works in a creative and talented team. Anyone can suggest the word or the whole rhymed lines during the process of creating a new song – whether it is a secretary, a director of PR or a lawyer. When shooting clips, all sorts of ideas are born along the process itself and immediately incorporated into the storyline.


Aleksey Zavgorodniy (a colleague of the band) introduced Vladimir Dantes to Nadya at a festival in 2011. On the very first day of their acquaintance, Dantes, looking into the compartment of the train carriage where Nadya was traveling, declared that he would marry her and shut the door. She immediately called her boyfriend and said that they have to break up.

At that time, Nadya still couldn’t imagine whether she would be with Dantes or not. However, Dantes was persistent, and they started dating. Of course, there were quarrels and scandals, broken dishes and knocked outdoors. But for four years, young people were able to get to know each other for real. Dantes proposed when he worked on the radio, on her mom’s birthday.

He was in the studio and Nadya was driving in a car. She called her mother to congratulate her, and at that moment, Vladimir asked Nadya to marry him. And in the presence of the whole Ukraine, after a short shock pause, the desired “Yes!” came from her mouth. All Ukraine was watching their wedding.

They invited 70 guests at the event. The couple still doesn’t have children. Both are engaged in a career and making money. Nadya and Vladimir think that they need to create good conditions for life first and only then worry about children.

Nadya declared that she hasn’t yet met a man in her life who knew how to care and love as much as her husband. He can fly to her from another country just to stay together for 2 days. But previously, as she said, Dantes was a womanizer.


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