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Last Updated On 15th April 2020

Andy Allen Quick Facts

Name Andy Allen
Age 32 years old
Birthday 30 April 1988
Height 1.93 meters
Weight 176 lbs
Married No
Wife/Girlfriend Alexx Davey
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Instagram @andyallencooks
Net Worth $1 million


When Andy Allen became master chef Australia, he wasn’t sure he wanted to start working as a chef. He was just one exam away from being an electrician when, on a dare, he participated in master chef Australia.

What would you like after a long day’s hard work? I would like nothing more than a warm, delicious meal and a good night’s sleep. Talking about food, wouldn’t you like to have smoked Baba ganoush in a restaurant owned by a “master chef”?

Then you may as well go to Three Blue Ducks, where master chef Australia season 4 winner, Andy Allen is the chef. The master chef loves the open-flame style of cooking and I am sure he won’t disappoint you. After the victory, Masterchef Andy Allen wasn’t sure he would be a chef. Rather he wanted to explore his taste.

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So let’s dive into exploring the explorer. Where has Masterchef Andy Allen landed now, in 2018? What is Andy Allen net worth? Does Andy Allen have a girlfriend? Is Andy Allen married yet? Get to know every detail of Andy Allen in this short write up.

Masterchef Andy Allen Wiki Bio

Chef Andy Allen age is 32 years. He was born on 30 April 1988. He is from New South Wales, Australia.  Andy Allen’s height is 1.93 meters.

Masterchef Andy Allen parents are both teachers. Andy Allen father Peter Allen teaches at  Bolwarra Public School and he is also primary cricket convenor for the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association. Allen’s mother teaches at Maitland Public School.

Masterchef Andy Allen Journey 2012-2018

When Andy Allen became master chef Australia, he wasn’t sure he wanted to start working as a chef. He was just one exam away from being an electrician when, on a dare, he participated in master chef Australia.

A noob, who occasionally loved to invite friends for a barbecue. On entering the competition, he was the least experienced chef. Only dedication and hard work made it possible for him to win the challenge.

After becoming a master chef, he wanted to hone his culinary arts. So he and Andy Allen’s friend Ben Milbourne traveled around the world, visiting exotic places and tasting different varieties of food. They filmed their travel which debuted as a series Andy & Ben Eat The World.

In 2016, he finally started working as a chef. He was invited to work for Three Blue Duck before he won the “master chef Australia” title. Darren Robertson, current co-owner of Three Blue Ducks in an interview said;

“We met him when we were on MasterChef and said ‘call us if you want a job after this’, so he came and joined our kitchen,”

Andy also runs his own Youtube channel, Andy Allen cooks, where he shares his recipe and cooking experience from all over the world. Talking about his food recipes Masterchef Andy Allen in an interview said;

“I’ve always had a love and passion for cooking. In the early days when I was an electrician, that love meant cooking for my Mum, Dad and two sisters after a long day at work or jazzing up a Sunday arvo BBQ which involved a few beers with my mates.

Masterchef Andy Allen further added;

But the real love for food didn’t happen for me until I was put through my paces on series four of MasterChef in 2012.”

That’s it on Andy Allen cooking journey, but what about his relationship? Is Andy Allen married to a wife or is he dating girlfriends? Browse below!

Masterchef Andy Allen Girlfriend?

In the past years, Andy Allen and Andy Allen girlfriend had been a hot topic. Andy Allen girlfriend at the time was ‘Puberty Blues’ star Charlotte Best. But soon their relationship hit a rocky patch and they broke up. While Andy remained single his girlfriend soon started dating Big Brother star Ryan Ginns.

Since then, Andy has been quite occupied with his job. He hasn’t had time to have any girlfriend and most probably haven’t thought of getting married and having a wife.

But having that being said, while stalking into Andy Allen Instagram feeds there was this girl named @alexx.davey who is featured quite often in Andy Allen Instagram posts. So is Alexx Davey Andy Allen girlfriend?

While we are speculating Andy Allen relationship with girlfriend Alexx Davey his fans are already congratulating the couple. Let’s hope Andy Allen and Alexx Davey relation be more than friends.

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What’s your take on Andy Allen relationship with Alexx Davey, comment below!

Masterchef Andy Allen Net Worth 2020?

Since being the winner of master chef Australia, Andy was awarded AU$250,000. He started his net worth being at AU$250,000.

Since then, he has been doing lots of thing like traveling around the world, documenting Andy & Ben Eat The World which was aired in tenplay. Hosting his own culinary show on Youtube.

This all has accomplished him to raise his net worth. Though the sources don’t clarify Andy Allen net worth, it is speculated that Andy Allen’s net worth is around $1 million.

This is not the exact figure. We will update you soon as we get the latest updates on Andy Allen net worth.


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