Rapper Lil Dude Age, Wikipedia, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2023

Lil Dude rapper age

Over the past few months, rapper Lil Dude is making some good old swings in hip-hop. This rookie rapper is counted as one of the most promising and polished stars out of the DMW. Allied with other prominent rappers, Lil Dude usually talks about money, drugs, and violent foolishness. With his long and dark deadlocks and tattoo-covered frame, Dude appears to be a typical rap idol.

Rapper Lil Dude’s songs have a touch of sharp lyrics and eye-catching editing. This year Lil Dude is going crazy with all those dope collabs. Featuring other fan favorites, Lil is not disappointing us with either of his new projects.

Before this modish star grows big in the mainstream industry, let’s get to know him personally. Look into Lil Dude wiki, bio, age, family, and parents. Are you curious to know rapper Lil Dude real name?

See Rapper Lil Dude net worth, nationality, and Instagram. In addition, get acquainted with rapper Lil Dude girlfriend and dating rumors.

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Lil Dude Wiki Facts

Name Lil Dude
Age  26 Years Old
Birthday September 26, 1996
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Married No
Girlfriend N/A
Nationality Prince George’s County, Maryland
Ethnicity Black
Net Worth $2 million

Before dropping his smash hit full-length studio albums, Lil Dude used to keep his fledgling verses to himself. His career as a rapper took off after releasing those songs on SoundCloud last year.

Born on September 26, 1996, Lil Dude’s age is 26 years. Rapper Lil Dude’s nationality belongs to Prince George’s County and his family and parents are all from Maryland. Dude’s height is considerably average alike most of his country’s niggas.

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Rapper Lil Dude Girlfriend

Rapper Lil Dude has already collaborated with emerging rappers like  Fenix Flexin, Lil Yachty, and Diego Money. His brand new track Thug Love is a critically acclaimed and extolled among the rap community. In the song, Dude takes us to the 90’s and shows the sample production of “Thug Luv” by Bone Thug-N-Harmony and Tupac.

On April 4, he had posted an obvious hint of his girlfriend writing,

A nigga will do anything just to see Lundy ❤️

Whether he is still dating this girl is not confirmed. Besides her, Lil Dude isn’t vocal about any of the girlfriends he had or the ones he dated. However, it is speculated that Dude has been dating an unidentified girl.

On the other hand, Lil Dude’s net worth is multiplying with each of his records dropping in regular interval. As his fan base increases, each year, his net worth figure would proliferate. Currently, rapper Lil Dude net worth is estimated to be in millions of dollars (est. $2 million)

Rapper Lil Dude Songs and Albums

Even though it can be difficult for emanating artists to compete in the fast-paced hip-hop world, rapper Lil Dude seems to be in the opposite side of the boat. In fact, only two days ago, he released a new original album just after 3 months of dropping his last record.

Shortly in 2018, Lil Dude has issued three albums called Trapnanana 2, Me 5, and Martin Luther Luciano 11. Together these collections entail 19 songs among which Diablo, we don’t lose, Ms daisy became hit.

In 2016, he had dropped Luciano 2.0 with 13 songs and Trapnanana with 11 pieces. However, his first album still has numerous unreleased songs like nonfactor, sunny, on the dribble etc.

Lil Dude songs are making some serious waves in the rap music industry. Some of his lauded works are:

  • No Hiding
  • Bodies
  • PSA
  • Shots Fired
  • Only Option
  • We will never die
  • Limpin
  • Bodies
  • TNT



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