Know All About Andy Bassich Girlfriend Denise Becker!

Andy Bassich girlfriend Denise Becker

Andy Bassich is an immensely prominent individual. It is true that Andy was a normal human until he appeared in American reality shows and it is obvious for him to gain exposure from it. While Andy Bassich had a difficult life in his early days, his appearance in reality shows made his life better than ever.

These reality shows acted as a benediction to Andy in improving his livelihood and gave him numerous fans. While most of the celebrities are wealthy before commencing their career, it was different for Andy Bassich. Andy is a self-made individual and today’s Andy Bassich is here all because of the hard work and dedication of young Andy Bassich.

After getting to know Andy in the reel life, it’s understandable that people want to know more about him in real life. Many people are curious to know about Andy Bassich’s whereabouts, like who is Andy Bassich girlfriend, is he married, who is he dating now, and likewise. 

In order to know if your assumptions about Andy’s personal life matched to the actual answers, read the following write-up. Also while you’re here get acquainted with Andy Bassich’s wiki facts including updates on his age, height, biography, net worth, and more.

Andy Bassich Quick facts

Full Name  Andy Bassich
Nationality American
Age (2022) 64 years old
Occupation American reality TV personality
Weight  91 kg
Instagram  N/A
Height 1.81 m
Eye color Dark brown
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
Married Yes (Divorced)
Wife Kate Rorke
Girlfriend Denise Becker
Net Worth  $300,000 Dollars

Who Is Andy Bassich? Wiki, Biography

Andy Bassich is one of the well-known faces and people who watch the national geographic channels can even picture his image while reading this article. It is because he is famous for one of the eminent shows of the National Geographic Channel, “Life Below Zero“. In this particular show, Andy as well as other members of the show mainly visit daunting places and capture their travel vlog which gets broadcasted on the channel.

There are six main characters in this particular documentary series and hence, Andy started gaining love and support from the audience after his appearance in the show. He started joining the Tv series in 2013 and since then, his life got a turning point therefore, the show acted as a positive catalyst in his life.

Young Andy was enthusiastic about fine arts and he graduated from Kennedy High School in 1976. After completion of his education, he started his career as a carpenter and cabinet maker.  Later on, he worked as a musher and lived in the riverbank of Yukon along with 37 sled dogs. 

How Old Is Andy Bassich? Age, Birthday 

Andy Bassich was born on 25th January 1958 in Washington DC, United States of America. Since Andy celebrates his birthday each year on 25th January, that makes his zodiac sign Aquarius. As Aquarius is deemed to be independent, it is discernible for Andy to inculcate this particular personality trait within himself as his independent way of living his life brought him success. 

As of 2022, Andy Bassich’s age is 64 years old but then he looks a year or two younger than his age.

How Tall Is Andy Bassich? Height, Weight

Andy Bassich has a tall height. He has an extremely good physique and has a height of 1.81 meters tall. Talking about his body weight, he has a balance in body weight and maintains his weight. To that point, he looks fit and healthy.

Even at the age of 63, he is concerned about his body weight, and weighs around 91 kg. We might find it weird to have 91 kg weight as a healthy body but then his tall height also contributes in increasing his weight.

Andy Bassich Instagram

The prominent reality personality, Andy Bassich seems to be a private person who does not use the most famous social networking site, Instagram. He seems to enjoy his life rather than falling for social media. It could be any reasons for why he does not have an Instagram. It may be because common individuals questioned him about his personal life or any other reason. 

Andy Bassich Relationship Updates!!

 As of 2022, Andy Bassich is currently hooking up with his girlfriend Denise Becker. The couple started their relationship in 2017 and still today, the duo is going extremely great.

Andy Bassich wife
Andy Bassich with his current girlfriend Denise Becker

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Andy Bassich met his current girlfriend Denise during his treatment of his hip injury as Denise is a nurse. Hence, in the process of taking care for the patient, they fell in love with each other. The couple is also featured in the show and many people ship the pair.  

Did Andy Bassich’s Wife Made Andy Arrested?

Andy Bassich was previously married to Kate Rorke but then their conjugal did not appear to last long as they split up. It has been claimed that Bassich used to physically and verbally abuse his wife Kate, to that point, this could be one of the reasons about their split up.

The pair met in 2003 and after getting to know each other for few more years, the pair shared their wedding vows and tied the knot. Unfortunately, it did not work out. It was seen that Andy Bassich was verbally rude and mean to one of the members of “life before zero”, Kate Rorke which was captured often in the camera.

Later, his wife Kate left the show and rumors of Andy abusing her spread among the audience. After leaving the show, she confirmed that the rumors were true and added that she was physically abused too. While, it was confirmed about the accusations made, actions were not taken against Andy and National Geographic Channel ignored the matter and continued the show with Andy. Most of the fans questioned about it and the reply they got was,

We ask that viewers keep their discussions based on the content of the show, not on speculations about the offscreen personal lives of the cast. Thank you.

How Much Is Andy Bassich Net worth 2022?

Most of the income of Andy comes from the National Geographic Channel, “life below zero”. Apart from being in the reality show, Andy also makes money from raising sled dogs for mushing business. Before joining “Life before Zero”, he was a carpenter.

However, if we talk about Andy Bassich’s net worth in 2022 then, undoubtedly, he makes a huge amount of money that is sufficient to fulfill his needs as well his desires. Even at the age of 64, he is still working and earning money every day. To be specific, Andy Bassich’s net worth in 2022 is 0. 3 million USD.