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Taj Monroe Tallarico is a music producer/songwriter and former actor. He has been famous since he was a child because his parents are widely known celebrities.

Taj Monroe Tallarico is the son of the famous singer and the frontman of the rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and Teresa Barrick, a clothing designer.

Many of Taj Monroe Tallarico fans and followers are keen to know whereabouts of his personal life. So without any further ado, get to know Taj Monroe Tallarico wiki facts including his age, height, weight, dating, girlfriend, Instagram updates, and more. 

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Taj Monroe Tallarico Quick Facts

Name Taj Monroe Tallarico
Age 29
Birthday 31st January 1991
Height 1.68m
Weight 132 lbs.
Instagram n/a
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Aquarius
Profession Music Producer/Songwriter
Salary/Income $80,000-$99,000
Net Worth $1 million

Taj Monroe Tallarico Wiki Bio

Taj Monroe Tallarico is a music producer/songwriter and former actor. He has been famous since he was a child, because his parents are widely known celebrities.

He is the son of the famous singer and the frontman of the rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick, a clothing designer.

Taj was born on the 31st of January, 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts. He has a very diverse ethnic background.

He has good relations with both his mother and father even after their split. Being the son of a celebrity, he tries to keep a low profile but he is seen sometimes with his father and sisters.

Taj Monroe Tallarico Net Worth & Incomes

Taj Monroe Tallarico is a former actor and currently works as a music producer/songwriter. In The Disney Channel’s hit show, Lizzie McGuire, which ran from 2001 to 2004, Taj appeared along with his sister Chelsea at the end of an episode in 2001.

After he left the show, he never appeared on the television again. As a producer and songwriter, Tallarico has worked with many singers.

So he has a pretty steady salary as a music producer and being the son of a singer known worldwide probably helps a lot with his work, so he enjoys a good fortune. Taj has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Grown-up child of Steven Tyler, Taj earns huge fans following in the entertainment industry.

Like his siblings, he followed the path of his father and decided to make a career in the music industry.

Taj Monroe Tallarico Family, Siblings & Parents

As we already stated, Taj is child born to famous parents. He was born to Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick. He has 3 stepsisters, Chelsea, Mia, Liv, who are also famous as actors and models.

Taj’s childhood was pretty much in the limelight because of his famous parents. He has loving bond with his father and his sisters, and is seen with them frequently.

After his parents’ divorce, his mother has led a very private life. His mother hasn’t been seen in public for a long time but he probably has a good bond with her.

Who Is Taj Monroe Tallarico Wife/Partner?

The 29-year-old, Taj is a married man. Taj Monroe Tallarico is married to wife Brittany Tallarico.

taj monroe tallarico girlfriend

Like Taj, his wife, Brittany also likes to maintain a low profile and stay away from the media. They both have private Instagram accounts and aren’t very active on social media.

When Taj Monroe Tallarico and wife tied Brittany tied the knot on October 27, 2018, even their wedding didn’t get a lot of attention. It seems they have been together since 2016.

Taj Monroe Tallarico hasn’t disclosed information about his previous relationships.

Taj Monroe Tallarico Body Measurements: Height and Weight

The Lizzie McGuire star, Taj stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m). He weighs around 60 kg (132 lbs.) and he even manages to maintain kind of an athletic body build with his profession as a music producer.

His eyes are in brown color and have a brown hair color.

Taj Monroe Tallarico Ethnicity & Nationality

Taj has a diverse ethnic background, his mother was a White American but his father comes from a diverse family. Tyler’s father was of Italian and German descent, while his mother was possibly of Polish and English ancestry.

He has noted on a number of occasions that his maternal grandfather was Ukrainian and changed his surname from “Czarnyszewicz” (from Polish: czarny, lit.). So, we can say that Taj is of mixed ethnicity.

Saying that, Taj’s name is diverse too. Taj is the Indian word, which means Crown. The name Monroe is a Scottish surname meaning “the mouth of the Roe.” Taj is also brother-in-law to the actor, Jon Foster.


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