Who Is @epnupues On Instagram And Why Did Salvador Ramos Tag Her?   


The horrific shooting occurred at Robb Elementary School in Texas, and the alleged shooter had tagged @epnupues on Instagram before he carried out the mass shooting.

The 18-year-old gunman who is identified as Salvador Ramos allegedly shot and killed 18 school children and two adults at a Texas elementary school and cryptically messaged a stranger

“I’m about to” just hours before he opened fire on the children.

He was killed by police after the shooting. Let’s find out more about the incident and Salvador Ramos, the man who reported being behind it.

@epnupues instagram

Who Is @epnupues On Instagram And Why Did Salvador Ramos Tag Her? 

The Instagram user @epnupues name has come forward in this shooting case because Salvador tagged her on the post before the shooting. As of now, there is no connection established between them.


News all on their post has said they had the conversation with each other before shooting. However, they were not well-known to each other. More information can be expected soon from the police department.

Salvador Ramos Facebook

Salvador seems to have been very active on social media. There is no specific idea regarding whether or not @epnupues has a clear relationship to the shooting or if she is just a random person the alleged shooter decided to tag.

Salvador Ramos Gun Photos 

Salvador, the alleged mass shooter, has been reported to have posted gun pictures on his Instagram. As per various reports, the same gun was later used in mass shootings.

Who Is @epnupues On Instagram And Why Did Salvador Ramos Tag Her
Who Is @epnupues On Instagram And Why Did Salvador Ramos Tag Her

Those Instagram photos are not found on Instagram now, but people have shared them on Twitter. As per one Twitter user, The posts with gun pictures were shared four days after the shooting. 

There is no clear answer regarding where he got his gun and the agenda behind the mass shooting. The police investigation is going on, and they will undoubtedly share the reason behind the inhumane act from the 18-year-old.

Texas School Shooting Aftermath 

People have together after the school shooting in Texas. Like after every shooting, there is a discussion on gun law reformation needs. Many have presented their support to parents, teachers, and students.

The incident has swayed the internet, and almost all social media have people talking about this mass shooting and the shooter himself. This incident has been reported to be as worst as the Sandy Hook shooting.

The police are investigating the shooting thoroughly, so more information about this horrific incident will soon be known.