Truly Young Wiki, Age, Height, Songs & Net Worth

Truly Young wiki, age, height, boyfriend, songs, instagram
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When you are the daughter of a hip-hop mogul, music is bound to embed on your genes. Truly Young is a perfect example of this.

She is the youngest daughter of Dr. Dre- a key name in West Coast hip-hop and the overseer of infamous rappers like Snoop Dog, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

Even though Truly Young can have a promising career in music just through her father’s influence, she wants to rely on her own ability. She learned guitar and vocals without anyone’s help. Speaking to Vogue, Truly asserted,

 “My parents offered to give me lessons, but I really wanted to learn myself. As an artist I want to be able to inspire young people to break away from societal standards.”

Let’s check out Truly Young wiki, bio, age, and height. Aside from these, get intimate information about Truly Young boyfriend, dating life, siblings and net worth updates.

Truly Young Quick Facts

Name Truly Young
Age (2022) 21 years
Birthday August 8
Height 173.736 cm
Weight 99.208 lbs
Dating/Boyfriend No
Parents Dr. Dre, Nicole Young
Siblings Curtis Young, Andre Young Jr., Marcel Young, Truice Young
Net Worth In Thousands of Dollars

Truly Young Wiki, Bio, Age, & Height

Young is a fierce Leo as she was born in August 8. Truly Young birth year dates back to 2001 and this year, Truly Young age becomes 21 years old.

Truly Young father Dr. Dre is a legendary figure in the music industry and her mother Nicole Young is Dre’s second wife. Truly Young has five siblings from her parents.

This 17 year old is on the way to becoming a rising star. In her Vogue interview, Young shared her parents are super supportive of her style saying,

“My mom and dad allowed me to try anything without fear of being judged.”

Truly Young spent her childhood in California and she describes herself as a manic pixie dream girl. From her Instagram feeds and interviews, it seems that she is a huge fan of Lana Del Rey, Nirvana, and The Cure.

Truly Young Net Worth

Truly has a huge fan base in different social media like Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. Currently, on Instagram alone, she has 72,600 followers.

Based on her online feeds, anyone can see her authenticity and touch of raw emotion in her posts. This has earned her a loyal fan-following which allows Young to pull extra income augmenting her net worth.

Apart from that, three months ago, Truly released a single called LoverBoy. The song is available on iTunes and YouTube. Her debut has given her further exposure in the YouTube community so her net worth is expected to rise in coming days.

Truly Young father is the third richest person in the hip-hop genre. He has a whopping net worth of $740 million- a soon to be billionaire. Though Truly Young net worth figure is still under review, we can speculate the figure will inflate in coming years.

Truly Young Boyfriend

Anyone who is a devoted fan of Lana Del Rey is alleged to have a genuine heart. Young appears extra infatuated with Del Rey’s music and it suggests her love life is also extra romantic.

With her killer body and chiseled face, Young has a model worthy look. Adding her father’s legacy, she has a chance to date high profile hunks. However, she hasn’t yet made any official boyfriends.



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