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Preston Bezos birthday
As the high net worth divorce of $35 billion between Jeff and Mackenzie is making world headlines, many are inquisitive what will happen to their children. The world’s richest man- founder and CEO of Amazon- Jeff Bezos has finally separated with his wife. Although they had announced the separation on January 9, 2019, through Tweeter, the legal settlement was finalized on April 4, 2019. There is no lack of examples to show parents divorce can be direful to children. So, it’s reasonable to get mixed down about Bezos kids. Who is MacKenzie Bezos’ son Preston Bezos? How old is he? And what is the link to Preston Bezos instagram?
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Before we get into the details, see the reason behind MacKenzie Tuttle and Jeff Bezos divorce. Then, take a look at Preston Bezos wiki, bio, age, height. Also, meet his siblings and family.

Preston Bezos Age, Height, Parents, Siblings

Name Preston Bezos
Age 19 y/o
Birthday 2000
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Married no
Girlfriend not yet
Parents MacKenzie Bezos, Jeff Bezos
Siblings 3 siblings
Instagram n/a
Net Worth n/a

Why are Preston Bezos parents divorcing?

“I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.”
This “sext” message was one of the messages sent by Jeff Bezos to his apparent girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez. In the wake of the National Enquirer circulating these racy texts, everyone was curious about what “alive girl” meant.
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Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Source: TMZ
Days before the publication of these sexts, Bezos couple had decided to end their 25-year-long marriage. So, Jeff’s extra-marital affair with American news anchor Lauren is one of the many reasons the two have separated. Although the two are no longer husband and wife, Jeff and MacKenzie will continue to “remain cherished friends”. On a recent Tweet, the couple informed that they will remain as a family in a different label.
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Source: New Haven Register
Source: Tweeter
With the record-breaking divorce, MacKenzie has become the fourth richest woman in the world whereas her husband Jeff is still the number one billionaire. This 55-year-old is still $4 billion richer than Bill Gates.

MacKenzie Bezos son Preston Bezos Wiki Bio

Preston Bezos was born to his mother, American novelist MacKenzie Tuttle Bezos and father, American technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Jeff Bezos. Preston Bezos age is apparently 19 years. According to Celebrity Family, Preston Bezos was born in the year 2000 and that makes him a teenager. Seemingly, MacKenzie Bezos’ son is either a senior in high school or a fresher in his college.
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Before the divorce, Preston Bezos was living in Medina, Washington with his family. The billionaire household owned two homes in the area with the net worth of over $53 million. According to the Business Insider, the Bezos family has at least 6 massive properties across the United States. Preston can move to any of those residences after his parents’ split.

Preston Bezos siblings

Preston Bezos is the eldest of all the children in the family. Over the course of a nearly three-decades-long marriage, Jeff and MacKenzie had three sons. Later, the couple adopted a daughter from China- she is the youngest sibling of Preston. The ages and names of Jeff and MacKenzie’s sons and daughters aren’t disclosed. Sources can only confirm that Preston Bezos was living together with his siblings in their 29,000-square-foot estate in Medina, Washington until yesterday. Their school background and education status are also unavailable.
While giving career advice to his children, Jeff Bezos highlights the importance of following one’s passion. He also stresses on hard work. On the interview with New York gala for FIRST, a global nonprofit, the Amazon CEO advised,
“Be proud of your choices, not your talents.” “You can be happy about being handsome or being good at math, but the innate traits you’ve been born with shouldn’t boost your sense of self-worth.”

Preston Bezos Instagram

Unlike the rich kids of Instagram and spoiled children of other billionaires, Preston Bezos is apparently low-key. Under his original name, no Instagram account are available. On top of that, this 19-year-old has never made a commotion in the public neither he has been ever involved in scandals. So, barely any information about MacKenzie Bezos’ son personal life can be extracted. His father, on the other hand, has 751k followers on Instagram. The world’s richest man sporadically updates his personal life on the platform. While educating their kids, the former couple used to try “off-season travel, kitchen-science experiments, chicken incubation, Mandarin lessons, the Singapore math program, and lots of clubs and sports with other neighborhood kids”. It appears Preston Bezos had a lively childhood but no social media updates can be traced.


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