Sean Wotherspoon Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Net Worth 2019

Sean Wotherspoon Nike Wiki

INTERESTING FACT ON Sean Wotherspoon ‘Nike Collaborator’ wiki, bio, age, height, who is Sean Wotherspoon wife and how much is his net worth 2019

Sean Wotherspoon, as you may know, is popularly known as a businessman and a Nike collaborator who collects vintage outfits and re-sales them. Nike Sean Wotherspoon runs the famous boutique name Round Two in Los Angeles since 2013, which is quite popular around NYC.

Sean further garnered more fame when he and his partner Chris Russow thrived a YouTube web series Round Two The Show in 2015. The YouTube documents about the journey and origins of the store.

Many of his followers are very keen to know who is Nike Sean Wotherspoon, so in this short write-up, we have endured some of his updates and facts that you might be interested to know.

So without any further ado, get to know Nike Sean Wotherspoon wiki, bio, age, height, including his relationship with Nike and updates on his net worth 2019.

Who Is Nike Sean Wotherspoon?

Nike Sean Wotherspoon is a Youtube star and an entrepreneur who hails from Richmond, Virginia. Grew-up in a culture where one has to do something new, Sean grew interested in brand wear and shoes since he was a kid. Just looking at the pictures of those attires would please him.

He wished to have a clothing store like Round Two that would sell the branded and qualitative outfits at a less cost. Concerning these issues, later Sean and his partner Chris started a business that helped others who have a problem like his when he was a child.

The 29-years-old Round Two co-founder was born on 3 March 1990 in Richmond under the birth sign of Pisces.

Is Nike Sean Wotherspoon Married, Who Is His Wife?

Nike Sean Wotherspoon father, who was the Motorcross rider during the 1970s is also a big fan of his son’s designs. Sean revealed in one of his interviews that his father has few kicks in the house. Sadly, except for his father’s, his other family member’s details are not available.

Apart from his parents, he has further added more members in the family in the form of his son, Nash. He welcomed Nash with his fiance Ashley Rowe. Back on 22 June 2016, Ashley announced the pregnancy and their son was born on 26 October 2016.

Sean and his fiance Ashley
Sean and his fiance Ashley with their son Nash. (Source: Sean’s Instagram)

Nike Sean Wotherspoon and Ashley started dating since 20 December 2011. The lovebirds have been together for a long eight years as of 2019. Although they are not married, they are relishing parenthood of their beautiful son Nash in their committed, engaged relationship.

How Much Is Nike Sean Wotherspoon?

The coolest wear Air Max 1/97 was founded by Sean with collaboration to Nike in 2018. They together garnered enormous success as well as significant net worth during the partnership. Moreover, Sean made more money in 2017 as he resold his designed new Nike shoes worth $90,000.

Unfortunately, due to Sean’s personal arising projects, he had to give up on the alliance. Thankfully, it wasn’t only the source of income for Sean. He has his vintage store, merchandise, and online websites. Furthermore, he also draws estimated earnings of $103 to $1.6 K monthly from his YouTube channel.

Sadly, his actual net worth from his career as an entrepreneur and a designer is not disclosed to the public. He is also set to launch a newly designed Vegan Sneaker. The vegan shoe motives to reduce the cruelty towards animals.

Nike Sean Wotherspoon Wiki Bio

Some of the facts you may not know of American entrepreneur and YouTube star, Shea Wotherspoon:

Sean was obsessed with the collection of vintage clothes and stuff. He later decided to sell his collections for renovating his room and getting rid of his habit, which eventually strikes him to start a business of reselling.

He believes a story behind the invention of products will enhance its market profitability.

Sean is against leather products and encourages other brands to develop plant-based materials.


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