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Love Island Sherif Lanre Birthday

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INTERESTING FACTS ON Love Island Sherif Lanre wiki, bio, age, birthday, height and weight, his nationality, ethnicity, and background. 

Love Island star Sherif Lanre enjoyed a dinner with friends on Sunday, after his shock exit from the ITV2 show this week.

The 20-year-old was seen larking around with his friends at The Ivy Brasserie in Soho, in an Instagram video shared by a friend, just days after being dropped from the reality show for kicking Molly-Mae Hague in the crotch and joking that it was a ‘c*** punt’.

It comes as the chef accused show bosses of ‘double standards’ after they allegedly let a fellow islander constantly use the N-word in front of him, without being reprimanded.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun following his villa exit, Sherif explained:

‘There was one guy, who I will not name, who repeatedly used the N-word as he rapped in front of me.

‘He said it two or three times and he was not pulled aside even though the code forbids racist language.’

He added that he felt the ‘same rules’ didn’t apply to the rest of the contestants. A source revealed to The Sun:

‘Sherif was not particularly offended by it, as the person in question was just singing a song, but someone else clearly was. ‘But Sherif was left feeling like there were double standards given his swift removal after his comments.

However, Love Island bosses are adamant that the N-word wasn’t said in the house and that there is no evidence of the incident. Speaking to The Sun, Sherif revealed:

‘I did kick Molly-Mae in the groin area but it was an accident and she 100 per cent was not injured afterwards. She did appear to be in pain at first but then she stood up and seemed fine and we started laughing about it.’

Explaining the sequence of events in further detail, Sherif stated that he and Tommy went to brush their teeth before bed and were met by Molly in the bathroom. Sherif revealed that he and Molly began play fighting and ‘acting out karate moves’ – but inevitably his ‘toes crashed into her groin and she crouched over in a defensive position.’

With this let move on to Love Island Sherif Lanre wiki, bio, age, birthday, height and weight, his nationality, ethnicity, and background.

How Old Is Sherif Lanre?

Sherif Lanre, in the show Love Island, said that he is 20 years old. The detail of his actual date of birth or birthday is not available as of now.

Sherif seems much older than the age he said in the show because of which he was accused of lying by the audience. Actually, seeing his body it is very hard to believe that he is just 20 years old. Whether it is true or not, it is hard to say so let us rest this case here.

How Tall Is Sherif Lanre, his height?

Sherif Lanre’s height is a myth as he has not disclosed it. However, he seems pretty tall with very good body physique. Seeing his body in his pictures and show, he seems very attractive. I wonder, why he was not chosen by any girls in the first episode of Love Island 2019.

Sherif Lanre Ethnicity and Nationality

Sherif Lanre’s ethnicity is not known. However, we can assume that he is of English descendent because he is from London. This is just an assumption so it might not be true.

Sherif Lanre Job (Chef and Rugby player)

Sherif Lanre is a chef by profession. Girls love the guy who can cook and Sherif is a chef. So, it can be a strong point to build connection. Sherif is also a semi-professional rugby player.

Who Is Sherif Lanre Girlfriend/Partner?

As of 2019, Sherif Lanre isn’t dating any girlfriend. Sherif is in the show Love Island which makes clear that he is not in a relationship with anyone at present because he is in the show to make a love connection.

In episode 1 of Love Island, Sherif coupled with a girl named Anna Vakili.

Previously he chose Amber to pair with but she stepped forward for a guy named Callum.

He is in the show to make one strong connection of love because he said that he doesn’t want a fling. He also said that he will stick with one girl in the show.

Sherif Lanre Wiki

Sherif Lanre is one of the contestants of Love Island 2019. He is all over the media because of the show.

The details on his early life and his academics are not available because he is new in the media.


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