Know More About Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend

Erika Owens Biography

Erika Owens (Stephanie Matto’s companion on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days) showed off yet another stunning hairstyle. Erika’s dazzling two-toned hair is well-known among showgoers. She has recently shown that she can pull off more than one hairdo. She discovered a hair accessory that gave her a different appearance while cleaning her wardrobe. Many fans said she looked like a natural while wearing this hairpiece.

Erika Owens is well-known for her role in the acclaimed unscripted TV drama 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The program is in its fourth phase.

This show depicts how couples become acquainted with one another and marry within 90 days. Erika appears in the program alongside Stephanie Matto. They are the first same-sex pair who have ever shown an interest in the show. As a result, it will be a terrific moment to witness their narrative.

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Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend Quick Facts

Name Erika Owens
Birthday N/A
Age  24 years old
Gender  Female 
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight N/A
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Instagram @glitterbuggin

Who is Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend? 

Erika and Stephanie met online through social networking sites. Stephanie has a YouTube VIP account. The pair had a good connection in the blink of an eye since they were holding well. They were old friends from the start. In any event, their friendship evolved into an emotional bond over time. Stephanie has not yet revealed her sexual orientation to her family.

The pair will soon meet in Australia to solidify their relationship. Regardless, Stephanie’s clinical concerns may have an impact on their stay in Australia. It will be interesting to see how far the pair goes.

Erika Owens on Instagram
Erika Owens on Instagram

How Old is Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend? (Age/Birthday)

Erika was born in the mid 90s in Australia. Erika Owens was born on November 23, 1994, and she is 27 years old as of this writing.

How Tall is Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend? (Height, Weight)

Erika Owens stands 5 feet 4 inches tall but her exact weight has not been disclosed yet. Looking at her physical appearance, she seems to have a well-maintained body structure. 

Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend Nationality, Ethnicity 

She is Australian by nationality and is of white ethnic origin.

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Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto Relationship/Dating Updates

Erika must be a lesbian since she is dating Stephanie, another young lady and is well-known for her role in the television series 90 Day Fiance. She appears in the program with Stephanie Matto. Surprisingly, they are the show’s principal same-sex pair.

Stephanie and Erika featured in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 6 with everything looking well. They met on Stephanie’s YouTube channel and immediately became friends which grew into something more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before fissures appeared in the relationship.

Stephanie informed the audience that she had been diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Her disease prevents her body from producing the necessary blood cells. She stressed that even acquiring a cold might have disastrous consequences. Stephanie, on the other hand, was prepared to take the risk for love when she flew from the United States to Australia for the first time to meet Erika.

Does Erika Owens have a New Boyfriend?

Love, love, love! Before the 90 Days actress, Erika Owens made her new lover, Chris, public after her televised separation from Stephanie Matto, and they have continued to flaunt their love on Instagram. The season 4 star introduced Chris to her family, and she even shared what they thought of him at first. Erika explained that she and Chris had a relationship and a solid bond before they pursued anything romantic. Interestingly, Chris first met her mother before they were “formally dating.”

Erika Owens with Chris
Erika Owens with her Boyfriend Chris

Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend on Instagram 

Talking about her social media activeness, Erika is active in networking media. You can find her on Facebook just as on Instagram. Her Instagram account goes by the handle @glitterbuggin. As of 2022, she has 490K followers and made 2,613 posts. She mostly posts happy pictures of herself promoting her own brand Glitter Bugging. 

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Erika Owens Stephanie Matto Girlfriend Net Worth in 2022

Erika Owens works as a photographer, specializing in family and wedding portraits. She has also been a part of “Mywea” since 2019. She has also posed for several periodicals and institutions.

You can also find her on Cameo under the username @glitterbuggin, where she accepted user requests and presented them in movies. Erika is a high school graduate and a qualified photographer, based on her schooling. Erika Owens’s Net worth is expected to be about $150,000 in 2022.