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Tania Maduro age

If you’re a 90 Day Fiancé fan get ready to be excited as your favorite couple Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester seem to be returning for the second season of the hit TLC show.

90-day fiance cast Tania Maduro especially has raised fan eyebrows with how she treats Colchester, her South African beau. Notably, Maduro left Syngin Colchester alone in a shed in her mother’s back yard for 30 days while she took a solo trip to Costa Rica — just after Colchester arrived in the U.S. Now, with signs pointing towards a second season with the odd couple, fans seem unsure how to feel.


Before you get any update on 90-day fiance cast Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester, have a look at Tania Maduro wiki, bio, age, height, nationality, ethnicity, and Instagram updates.

Tania Maduro Quick Facts

Name Tania Maduro
Age 31 years old
Birthday 1992
Height 1.78m
Weight 150 lbs
Married Yes
Boyfriend/Partner Syngin Colchester
Instagram @tania.maduro
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American

Is 90-day Fiance Tania And Syngin Still Together?

Tania and Syngin, stars of the hit reality arrangement 90 Day Fiancé, seem to in any case be as one today and going solid.

Despite the fact that Tania and Syngin have had a considerable amount of high points and low points all through Season 7 of the show, the two still got married during the last scene of the standard arrangement and Tania likewise as of late posted a return photograph of the truth star acquainting her South African playmate with her companions.

This is what we think about Tania and Syngin’s relationship today:

90-day Fiance Tania Maduro And Syngin Colchester Relationship Updates

Tania and Syngin met while Tania was traveling in South Africa with another man. After things failed with her long-separation date, she went out moving and halted at a bar, where she met Syngin.


The two immediately hit it off, and Tania chose to see where things went with Syngin, so she broadened her stay in South Africa for a couple of more months. The truth stars immediately became hopelessly enamored during her excursion and started the way toward applying for the K-1 visa.


Tragically, Tania and Syngin have managed a plenty of issues all through their period of the show; neither one of the stars was in agreement when it went to their future and when they should begin going after for kids, and Tania left for a month in their 90-day commitment, which put a profound strain on their relationship.

Tania likewise uncovered that she didn’t trust Syngin was her “perfect partner,” which didn’t agree with the South African local, and the two have battled to discover shared belief since.

Juliana Posted a Photo of Tania, Syngin, Michael and Herself Celebrating During Super Bowl LIV

Neither Tania nor Syngin have been dynamic on Instagram in the course of the most recent couple of months, so it was indistinct for the greater part of the period if the two were still attached.

It’s normal for couples who have a rough and unsure relationship on the show to abstain from posting, as authoritative commitments to TLC prevents the couple from freely sharing much as far as their relationship before the season wraps up.

In any case, Tania as of late posted a return picture of Syngin meeting her companions, and despite the fact that it’s a more established picture, it’s far-fetched that the truth star would at present be posting pictures of Syngin if the two had separated.

As referenced above, Juliana additionally posted an image of the four gettings to know each other during the Super Bowl toward the beginning of February, so we feel sure that the two are still attached today.

The photograph, which can be seen above, is inscribed “Love these individuals,” trailed by the hashtags #superbowlweekend, #michaelandjuliana, and #synginandtania.

Syngin’s Instagram page has remained generally sans Tania as of late, in spite of the fact that we presume it has more to do with his nondisclosure concurrence with TLC than the way that the two split up or are having issues in their marriage.

Both reality stars despite everything follow each other on Instagram so we don’t accept the two have separated whenever as of late.

Tune in Sunday, February 16 and Monday, February 17 at 8 p.m. EST to perceive how Tania and Syngin’s romantic tale happens at last. Meanwhile, remember to look at this present creator’s profile for the entirety of your 90 Day Fiancé inclusion, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

How Old Is 90-day Fiance Tania Maduro?

At present 90-day Fiance, Tania Maduro age is 31 years old, and her date of birth is in the year 1992.

How Tall Is 90-day Fiance Tania Maduro?

90-day Fiance cast Tania Maduro has a decent height of 5 feet 10 inches, in meters, it’s 1.78m.

90-day Fiance Tania Maduro Weight?

At present 90-day Fiance, Tania Maduro weight is 150 lbs.

How Much Is 90-day Fiance Tania Maduro Net Worth & Earnings?



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