What is Dave Treadway cause of death? Explore his wiki, bio, age, height, net worth, wife, and children

Dave Treadway cause of death, wiki, bio, age, height, net worth, wife, and children
Professional freeskier Dave Treadway died on Monday afternoon when he fell almost 100-foot plunge into a crevasse. Sources confirmed that a snow bridge collapsed under him near Rhododendron Mountain in Pemberton, British Columbia.
On his death announcement, Dave Treadway was called “an incredible skier and a monumental human.” The tweeter is inundated with tribute and condolence messages from the snow community.  
What is Dave Treadway’s cause of death? How did he die? And what is his net worth figure? Here is what you need to know about skier Dave Treadway.

Born Name

Dave Treadway

Nick Name

“Big Air”


34 years old

Born Place



British Columbia



How did he die? Cause of death

Earlier on Facebook, the deceased had shown undeterred enthusiasm for skiing despite the warming temperatures. His Facebook status read,
“Don’t let a bit of warm weather trick you into hanging up your skis. Fine, go for a peddle if you’re really that excited about it. But the snow’s great up high right now, the crowds are thin, and the days are long. GO SKIING !!!!”
Tragically, his excitement met a disaster and even the fourteen members from the PSAR couldn’t save his life. Pemberton District Search and Rescue had sent “a very technical operation” to rescue Treadway but, by the time his body was found, he was already dead.
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Source: The Inertia
According to sources, Dave Treadway’s cause of death is injuries from fall. Since he took about 100 feet plunge into a deep crack of ice, Treadway got injured in several places. Not to forget, the incident dates back to April 15, 2019. His death confirmation comes after a few days of the accident; so, his cause of death can be linked to other played-down factors. Sources further elaborated his cause of death saying,
“He wasn’t even skiing, he was sidestepping the glacier to get a shot, and literally the ground just dropped out from under him.”



Married and wife

Dave Treadway is married to his wife Tessa Treadway. The couple has two sons and Tessa is currently pregnant with another child. Dave’s wife is also a freeskier. In fact, last year she told that their family lived in their camper, traveling the West. Speaking to Outside, Tessa conceded,
“If we want to ski something big, it’s easier for Dave. I’m more the primary caregiver, and he’s more the breadwinner – he’ll still go out on those epic missions,”
Late David Treadway’s wife further added that she wanted to be there for her sons. And they were promoting to people that “adventure isn’t over when you have kids.”
Charismatic Freeskier Dave Treadway Died in BC This Week But His Light Shines On
Photo: Michael Overbeck

Net Worth

The 34-year-old skier was active in the snow community throughout his life. He participated in various competitions including Red Bull Cold Rush and more. Freeskiing is a sport that mixes freestyle skiing and snowboarding. It is also included in the Winter Olympics since 2014 as an official competitive sport. Dave Treadway’s net worth is currently review. His net worth figure is estimated to be several thousand dollars.

Dave Treadway wiki-facts

  • Late Dave Treadway was born in the year 1985.
  • He grew up in the shadows of his two brothers Dan and Daryl who are both legends of competitive skiing.
  • Dave was inspired by his older brothers to foray on this sport.
  • The place where he died is just 17 miles away from his residence.
  • One of his sons is two years old and his name is Raffi.
Photo: Vince Shuley


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