Explore Borce Ristevski wiki, bio, age, height, net worth, and children

Explore Borce Ristevski wiki, bio, age, height, net worth, and children
Borce Ristevski
Melbourne local Borce Ristevski has been sentenced for nine years in jail for manslaughter. On June 29, 2016, he killed his own wife, dumped her body but, never accepted any involvement in her disappearance. After his wife went missing for 24 hours, Borce Ristevski reported to the Victorian police. However, Mr. Ristevski himself came under suspicion as his statements were contradictory and misleading among police, family, and friends.
Wife killer: Borce Ristevski arriving at court to be sentenced for killing his wife Karen
Borce Ristevski                                          Source: AAP Image
Throughout the investigation, the man shamefully went on to “rant and rave about police and media”. And until the eve of his trial, Borce Ristevski claimed his innocence and non-involvement in the crime. Ristevski’s wife’s dead body was discovered in February 2017. Following the discovery, Justice Christopher Beale originally sentenced Borce Ristevski for six years without parole. Initially, the Melbourne man was charged with murder but, this morning he was pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He has already served 491 days in jail but, he could be free from jail in less than five years. Who is Borce Ristevski’s wife? How old is he? And who is Borce Ristevski’s daughter? We broke down what you need to know about this Melbourne man. As we get into the details of Borce Ristevski wiki, bio, age, height, put on hold to see his net worth, daughter, and son.
Karen and Borce Ristevski.
Borce Ristevski and his wife                              Source: News.com.au

Born Name

Borce Ristevski

Nick Name



55 years old

Sun Sign


Born Place



Avondale Heights




Wife killer Borce Ristevski’s educational background is unavailable.
The lies began early after Karen’s disappearance. Picture: Sarah Matray
Borce Ristevski and his daughter Source: ABC News


Mr. Ristevski’s wife used to own and run a clothing business. Although the convict’s job is anonymous, it appears his partner was engaged in the retail industry.

Marriage and wife

Borce Ristevski was married to Karen Ristevski for 27 years. His wife’s brother Stephen Williams has been very vocal about his disappointment on Victorian Supreme Court judge’s sentence.
“Nothing was going to bring Karen back, but today was about justice, and we didn’t get justice today at all.”
He went on to stress the subject of domestic violence. Williams’s voice is supported by domestic violence organizations including the likes of ‘No to Violence’.
A man in a black blazer and white shirt is surrounded by media outside the Supreme Court.
Stephen Williams Source: ABC
However, the court claimed that Ristevski did not kill his wife with murderous intent. It stressed that apart from the commission to his crime, Ristevski has been a person of good character.

Borce Ristevski daughter and son

Borce Ristevski and his wife Karen share a daughter named Sarah. As far as her testimony goes, she had never seen any form of domestic violence between her mom and dad.
Borce Ristevski with his arm around his daughter after a press conference near the Maribyrnong River.
Borce Ristevski and his daughter Source: ABC News
According to Ristevski’s daughter, the love between her parents was “something she hoped to one day experience for herself”. His 24-year-old daughter further added,
“The circumstances have left me without both of my parents,” “All I can try and do is communicate the truth of how good of a dad and husband he was to my mum and me.”
On the other side of the spectrum, Borce Ristevski’s son Anthony Rickard holds a different stance. He wishes his killer father to be jailed for at least 20 years.



Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Borce Ristevski was slammed for ‘playing the innocent widower’ at Karen’s funeral. Picture: Joe Castro/AAP
Borce Ristevski at his wife’s funeral                                     Source: AAP

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Net Worth

According to the prosecutors, Borce Ristevski and his wife were arguing about Karen’s clothing business in the morning of the crime. The business was in debt of $400,000. The convict kept on spinning webs of lies for three years after his wife’s murder. So, apparently, the family doesn’t have a nifty net worth. Borce Ristevski factual net worth figure is currently under review.

Borce Ristevski wiki-facts

  • Convict Borce Ristevski was born on March 14th, 1964.
  • At the time of death, Borce Ristevski’s wife Karen was 47-year-old. The cause of death is still undetermined.
  • Ristevski hid his wife’s body in a national park near his Avondale Heights home.
Bushland at Mount Macedon where human remains found
National Park near Ristevski’s residence Source: ABC news
  • Horticulturists who were working in the Macedon Ranges found Karen’s dead body eight months after her death.
  • Borce had hidden Karen’s body under logs, branches, and foliage.
  • Ms. Ristevski used to own a fashion store Bella Bleu in Melbourne.
Wife killer Borce Ristevski is led from a prison van into court as the father-of-two prepares to learn his fate after shock guilty plea
Image: Borce Ristevski Source: AAPIMAGE


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