Audrey Roloff Age, Height, Wikipedia, Instagram, Husband, Children, Net Worth 2023

Audrey Roloff age

American author, television personality, blogger, spouse of a famous person, social media personality, and public figure Audrey Roloff is from Portland, Oregon. She is well-known throughout the nation for being the blogger at “Auj Poj.”

Along with her husband, Jeremy Roloff, she has furthermore made appearances in TV shows including “Little People, Big World” and “Fox and Friends.” In December 2021, Audrey gained notoriety by admitting she barely bathed her newborn child twice a month. She is receiving criticism for her unhygienic behavior. In addition to this, Roloff is renowned for her writing. She has written several novels, including A Love Letter Life and Creative Love.

With that here, we will provide more information about Audrey Roloff’s personal life including her age, height, weight, nationality, husband, children, and net worth in 2023.

Audrey Roloff Quick Facts

Full Name Audrey Mirabella Botti
Known as Audrey Roloff
Birthdate July 19, 1991
Birthplace Portland, Oregon, USA
Age 31 years old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 54 kilograms
Occupation Author
Husband Jeremy Roloff
Children 3
Instagram @audreyroloff
Zodiac sign Cancer
Siblings N/A

Audrey Roloff Wiki, Biography, Background, Early Life

In light of the popularity of her partner, blogger Audrey Roloff is recognized. She is essentially a VIP friend. Audrey is well known for being Jeremy Roloff’s better half, who is the star of Little People, Big World.

She blogs in the United States. Audrey has a video blog called Auj Poj blog, which features a variety of meal plans, lifestyle advice, personal stories, and other content. She frequently appeared in the TV show.

Prior to that, she was employed as an account manager for the Los Angeles, California-based Gallo Wine Company. Additionally, she has appeared in an episode of Fox and Friends.

Andrey Roloff wiki
Andrey Roloff with her husband and children | source: Instagram

Being quite outgoing, Audrey Roloff frequently lets us slip personal information on her social media accounts. We eventually learned that she was born Audrey Mirabella Botti and that she legally changed her name to Audrey Mirabella Roloff after getting married. She is known to her friends as Auj Poj.

She received her basic schooling at a nearby school, according to the sources. Then enrolled in Sunset High School in preparation for graduation and began attending Oregon State University in 2009, and according to her LinkedIn page, she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and entrepreneurship in 2014.

Audrey Roloff Age, Birthday, Zodiac 

As of 2023, Audrey Roloff age is 31 years old, she was born in Portland, Oregon, in the United States, on July 19, 1991. Her zodiac sign, based on the day of her birth, is Cancer. In terms of her parents and siblings, we don’t know much about them. Her parents, though, are quite encouraging. Her mother’s name is Cendi Botti and her father is Dan Botti.

Audrey Roloff Height, Weight

The height and weight of Audrey Roloff is 5 feet 7 inches and 54 kilograms, respectively. She is a tall woman who in her images also gives off the impression of being fairly tall.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Instagram users may find Audrey Roloff there by searching for @audreyroloff. She has almost 1.6 million followers and a total of 2.4k posts.

Audrey Roloff instagram
Audrey Roloff with her mom and daughter| source: Instagram

Her posts typically include images of her interacting with her loved ones. And following around 2.5k people. 

Audrey Roloff Married Life With Husband Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy Roloff, an actor, is the loving spouse of Audrey Roloff. The couple got married on September 20, 2014, in a simple Christian outdoor event at the Church of “Little” Helvetia, which is situated at Roloff Farms in Helvetia, Oregon. Additionally, they have three children: sons Bode James Roloff and Radley Roloff, and daughter Ember Jean Roloff and Radley Roloff.

Audurey Roloff relationship
Audrey Roloff with her husband Jeremy Roloff| source: Instagram

According to the sources, she was dating Jeremy Roloff. The two originally connected on a blind date that their friends arranged for them. They got along well and spent around two years interacting. Following that, Audrey and Jeremy began dating.

Jeremy Roloff proposed to Audrey for the wedding after three years of dating.

Audrey Roloff’s Net Worth 

It is said that Audrey Roloff is worth between $2 and $3 million. Audrey and her family, including her husband and children, live a luxurious lifestyle. She is making a solid living from a variety of sources and is a wealthy homeowner, based on her social media name.

She also has a few branded automobiles, but Audrey never posts pictures of them on social media. Social media, television shows, publications, books, and blogs are a few of her sources of revenue.

Audrey Roloff Latest News 

Radley Roloff was the name given to Audrey and her husband’s third child, a son, who was born in November 2021. After admitting that Audrey only washed her infant baby twice, she gained notoriety. “Dude has only had 2 baths in his life so far cause mama is holding on to that newborn smell,” she said on the photograph uploaded. People are criticizing her severely and labeling her as unhygienic over this.