Ysabel Brown Age, Wiki, Height, Instagram, Net Worth

Ysabel Brown Age

Renowned Kody Brown’s daughter, Ysabel is widely recognized after her appearance in the famous “sister wives” show which has been starring since 2010. Kody Brown has 6 wives and in the show “sister wives”, all the children call their biological mother, “mom” and the rest are tagged with “sister wives”. In this particular show “sister wives”, all the wives treat all the children equally, whether the children are their own or their step.


Among 18 children of Kody Brown, Ysabel is the second youngest child. She gained more heed from the audience when the family revealed her curvature of the spine. In other words, Ysabel was diagnosed with Scoliosis. From the day, the audience knew about her disease, they were concerned about her and gave her maximum attention.

Ysabel is one of the strongest individuals as she did not give up easily and tried her best to live a normal life. However, no matter how much she tried distracting herself from the fact that she has Scoliosis, the pain did not let her life all alone.

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Who is Ysabel Brown? wiki, biography

Ysabel Brown is well-known for her constant appearance in the show “sister wives”. She is famous for her dedication and hard work spite getting attacked by Scoliosis. Most people give up upon something easily when they are required to pour out their blood and sweat. However, Ysabel has been a paragon to all individuals to never give up on life.

What is Ysabel Brown Age?

Born to the couple-Kody Brown and Christine, Ysabel was born on 7th March 2003. She is one of the six children of Kody and Christine. Moreover, if all her step-siblings are counted, then she has 17 siblings altogether. Currently, Ysabel Brown age is 19 years old.

Despite being strong and brave, the 18-year-old Ysabel, could not bear the pain that her spine was giving. Her doctor advised her to go through surgery in order to get rid of the curvature of her spine. Following the advice of the doctor, she was appointed for the surgery and her surgery was scheduled for the fall of 2020.

How tall is Ysabel Brown? Height, Weight

Being Kody’s daughter, Ysabel was blessed with Kody’s height. She is taller than average American females. Her height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Talking about her weight, Ysabel has not disclosed her weight yet.

Ysabel Brown Height

What is the Instagram account of Ysabel?

Ysabel owns an Instagram account with 115k followers, with the username @ysabelpaigebrown. She is active on this social networking site. She mainly posts photos about herself but as of 2021, she has a limited number of posts with 54 in total. It seems like Ysabel does not like posting more in her account or the other reason could be that she is not that active on this app. 

Who is Ysabel Dating?

Ysabel has gone through a plethora of pain in her life. To that point, it seems like she is more concerned about herself and her health. She even seems to be attentive toward building her future. Currently, Ysabel is happily single and her involvement in any relationship has not been seen so far.

Is it true that Ysabel went through the surgery?

The plan of Ysabel getting surgery was going well but the location was set to New Jersey and this location did not favor her in getting her surgery done. Her father, Kody disagreed with going to New Jersey from Flagstar during the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of supporting his daughter, he advised her to get to New Jersey all alone. Hearing Kody gives an illogical suggestion, Christine could not stop herself from arguing with Kody. Then, she eschewed his idea and tagged it irrelevant.


Ysabel was lucky enough to get a supportive mom and in late September and early October 2020, Christine tells, “Ysabel is in surgery now!!”. Captioning Ysabel’s appearance in a surgical gown, she adds, “We are so excited !! Thanks for all your prayers and positivity. I truly feel so blessed to have so many friends like you. I have loved how many of you have shared your personal stories with me because they have helped me put so many things into perspective. Love you all!!”