Everything About Jessica Mauboy Boyfriend Themeli Magriplis

Themeli Magriplis and Jessica Mauboy
Themeli Magriplis with Actress Jessica Mauboy

Themeli Magriplis is well known for being Jessica’s long-distance sweetheart. Apart from being associated with a celebrity, Themeli is a unique individual himself. It is known that he’s a soccer player and a chamber specialist.

After addressing himself as the famous singer-songwriter Jessica Mauboy’s boyfriend, the name ‘Themeli Magriplis’ became an internet sensation.

Jessica Mauboy’s boyfriend Themeli Magriplis is open about their relationship with the public and takes it seriously. Themeli, Mauboy’s boyfriend, and she are openly discussing and taking their relationship to the next level.

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Jessica Mauboy Boyfriend Themeli Magriplis Quick Facts

Name Themeli Magriplis
Nickname Themeli “Magoo” Magriplis
Age 33 Year
Birthdate 1989
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Occupation Soccer Player
Nationality Australian
Relationship Dating

Who is Jessica Mauboy Boyfriend Themeli Magriplis? 

Themeli Magriplis, also known as Themeli “Magoo” Magriplis, is a soccer player who rose to fame after dating Jessica Mauboy for nine years.

Jessica Mauboy on Instagram
Jessica Mauboy on Instagram with Themeli Magriplis

Themeli Magriplis is a Greek soccer player for Hellenic in the Northern Soccer League. Sophie, his girlfriend’s younger sister, plays for the same club.

Themeli Magriplis’s mother confirmed that her son was dating before the relationship became public, but she did not disclose that it was Jessica Mauboy.

How Old is Jessica Mauboy Boyfriend Themeli Magriplis? 

Themeli Magriplis’s current age is 33-year-old. He was born in 1989 in Australia. He is also 1 year older than his partner Jessica Mauboy, who is now 31 years old.

We also discovered that he and his girlfriend are both born in the same year.

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How Tall is Jessica Mauboy Boyfriend Themeli Magriplis? 

The height and other body measurements of Themeli Magriplis are not available at the moment. We shall update this section as soon as we have any updates about his measurements. 

Jessica Mauboy and Themeli Magriplis Marriage Updates

Themeli Magriplis is dating Jessica Mauboy, one of Australia’s most successful female artists. Jessica Mauboy and Themeli have been together for more than nine years. Themeli and Jessica are currently living at Mauboy’s $1.8 million two-story Sydney apartment.

Jessica Mauboy, Themeli Magriplis’ girlfriend, revealed that she ‘knows’ the couple will marry. Following that, having children in the future.

Themeli Magriplis with Jessica Mauboy
Themeli Magriplis with Jessica Mauboy

Their wedding has most likely been postponed because of COVID-19 restrictions in Sydney. They are, in fact, organizing a special event as soon as the situation begins to improve. Without a doubt, the couples had previously met one other’s families. Until now, there hasn’t been an issue in their relationship.

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