Nick Percat Girlfriend Baylee Mullen Wiki, Age, Height, Instagram, Nationality, Ethnicity, Net Worth 2021

Baylee Mullen Wiki


Nick Percat is a professional racer who has competed in 221 races. Percat made a name for himself in the racing world when he won the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 in his first attempt. Now, to cheer him during his race, he has a special person, Baylee Mullen.

Baylee Mullen who is most famous as the girlfriend of, racer, Nick Percat, is a model by her profession. Everyone is curious to know about the Nick Percat Girlfriend Baylee Mullen

So, on deck, get to know Nick Percat Girlfriend Baylee Mullen, wiki, biography, age, height, Instagram, nationality, ethnicity, net worth 2021.

Baylee Mullen Quick Facts

Name Baylee Mullen
Age 25’s
Birthdate N/A
Height 5 Feet 7 Inch
Weight 60 kg
Nationality Australian
Occupation Instagrame Model
Relation Dating
Boyfriend Nick Percat
Zodiac Sign N/A
Instagram @bayleemullen
Net Worth N/A

Who Is Nick Percat Girlfriend Baylee Mullen? Wiki, Bio

Baylee Mullen is an Instagram model who’s related to the Brazen Fashions. She is a struggling model, she has not gained popularity to that extend. Mullen is slowly gaining her spotlight as a model. Her background is not available as she is only seen during Percat’s race and on Instagram.

Baylee Mullen Wiki

Baylee Mullen is dating, Nick Percat, who proudly publicizes her on social media and frequently uploads images of them together. He even included Baylee’s Instagram account in his bio, with a picture of them together in a display picture of Instagram. They initially met, when Baylee was cheering for Percat in the Repco Championship.

How Old Age Is Nick Percat Girlfriend Baylee Mullen? Age, Birthday 

Baylee Mullen has not revealed her exact birth date and age. Baylee Mullen seems to want to keep her age private from the public. Some sources estimated to be Baylee Mullen in her early 25’s. 

How Tall Is Nick Percat And Girlfriend Baylee Mullen? Height, Weight

Baylee Mullen’s exact measurement of her height and weight is not known, as Baylee Mullen is not too much of a media personality. To be specific Baylee Mullen Height is around 5 feet 6 inches. Taking about Baylee Mullen bodyweight Baylee Mullen weighs around 60kg

 Nick Percat And Girlfriend Baylee Mullen Picture Together

 Baylee Mullen being a model, is keenly interested in clicking the picture. The couple has posted a lot of pictures together, where they seem happy dating each other.

 Nick Percat And Girlfriend Baylee Mullen Picture Together

Since they have matching height, their photos together look very stylish.

Baylee Mullen Instagram 

Baylee is on Instagram with the username “@bayleemullen” with about 7k followers and 98 posts.

Baylee Mullen Instagram 

She mostly posts her picture in different poses and dresses. She also has posted many pictures with her boyfriend Nick, and some with her friends also.

Baylee Mullen Boyfriend Nick Percat Nationality

There is no confirmed information regarding Baylee’s nationality or ethnicity. As, her boyfriend, Nick Percat, is Australian, and the couple met during a motorsport event in Australia. Baylee is most probably also Australian, about her exact ethnic background, we know nothing of any sort, as even her parent’s name is not revealed.

How much Is Baylee Mullen’s Net Worth In 2021?

Baylee Mullen is aspiring as a model, so right now she might not be making a lot of money. However, she may have had a lot of riches inherited from her parents also, no such information is known.

Baylee Mullen's Net Worth

Baylee Mullen boyfriend Nick has made a lot of money as a racer, since he has been racing for more than a decade now, competing in 221 races. Even, Nick’s exact net worth is not available, but it is estimated to be more than $1 million.