Liam Springthorpe

Liam Springthorpe height

Liam Springthorpe Quick Facts

Name Liam Springthorpe
Age 35 
Height 6ft
Weight 150 lbs
Instagram N/A
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Zodiac Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Dating/Girlfriend Not disclosed
Salary/Income Under Review
Parents Rick Springthorpe, Barbara Porter
Siblings Joshua Springthorpe

Liam Springthorpe Wiki Biography

Liam Springthorpe is an American actor, known for Bill Shakespeare in Hollywood (2011), Grace (2014) and The Desert’s Love to Anna (2018). He is also a musician. He is the older of the two sons of Australian actor and singer Rick Springfield.

Full Name

Liam Springthorpe

How Old Is Liam Springthorpe?

As of 2020, actor Liam Springthorpe age is 35 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 27th of October every year. 

Zodiac Sign






Family / Parents

Liam Springthorpe was born in Los Angeles, California on 27th October 1985 to Australian parents, Rick Springthorpe and Barbara Porter.

He spent his childhood in love with music. He lived with his parents and his brother in his childhood. He started acting later in his career.


Liam has a younger brother named Joshua, with whom he grew up with.

Is Liam Springthorpe in a Relationship?

Like many celebrities and famous people, Liam Springthorpe keeps his personal and love life private. Liam is assumed to be single.

He is not dating anyone currently. He has had at least 1 relationship in the past. Springthorpe has not been previously engaged. Like his other information, his relationship status has also been kept private.

How Much Is Liam Springthorpe Net Worth?

Liam Springthorpe main source of income is from his acting jobs and from his music gigs. He has been focusing on these paths of careers but his income hasn’t exactly been revealed.

He has not disclosed his net worth and there hasn’t been any information anywhere indicating his income and net worth.

But considering his father’s fortune and his income and fortune, his net worth is estimated to be in the wide range of $100,000-$1M.



Eye Color

Ocean blue

Sexual Orientation


Body Measurements

Actor Liam Springthorpe has a decent height of 6ft (1.82m) and his body weight is around 150 lbs. 

More about Liam Springthorpe

Although Liam mainly does acting, he has also followed his father’s footsteps and done some work in the music industry.

Even if Liam is American and was born in America, both of his parents are actually Australians and were born there. Liam grew up with his brother Joshua in Los Angeles.

Liam lives a very private life and he also doesn’t seem to be active on social media.