Liam Reardon Age, Height, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Liam Reardon Age

Liam Reardon is one of the participants in the famous reality show, “Love Island“. He is one of the islanders in the seventh season of “Love Island”. The announcement of Liam’s entry to the villa of “Love Island” was made on 30th June. It is true that Liam is a new contestant, however, it cannot be denied that he has earned numerous fans and has a separate fandom.

After Liam’s entry into the villa, he gained wide recognition from the audience as “Love Island ” is one of the prominent shows and the majority of people binge-watch the show. There are hardly a few people who don’t watch this show so, it is obvious for Liam Reardon to receive attention from the public.

With the increase in the number of fans, the curiosity within people to know about Liam Reardon’s age, height, weight, Instagram, biography, nationality, ethnicity, job, and background has increased. People are curious to know more about Liam Reardon’s personal life. In order to know about his biography, wiki facts, age, height, weight, Instagram relationship, girlfriend, nationality, and ethnicity, continue reading the article below.

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Liam Reardon Quick Facts

Name Liam Reardon
Age (2022) 23 Years Old
Weight N/A
Height 6 Feet 6 Inches
Father Paul
Mother Donna
Instagram @Liamreardon1
Ethnicity Mixed

Who Is love Islands Liam Reardon? Wiki, Biography

Gaining wide recognition from “Love Island”, Liam has been able to be one of the prominent islanders of the reality show, “Love Island”.  After the announcement of Liam’s entry into the show, the viewers were asked to vote for the female contestant with whom Liam should go on a date with. The audience voted for Faye. Hence, Liam and Faye were set on a date and they even flirted with each other. However, Liam claimed that his eyes were stuck on Kaze.

Liam Reardon Wiki, Bio
Liam in love island | Photo Credit: Instagram

While introducing himself to other contestants, Liam told, “I’m Liam, I’m 21 and I’m a bricklayer from south Wales. Back home my friends tend to call me Mr. Steal your girl. I’m not going into the villa to break anyone’s heart or upset anyone but if I am coupled up with someone and my head gets turned I have no problem pursuing that. The lads should be worried, the ladies should be excited and I can’t wait to stir things up.”

Liam’s parents Donna and Paul own a family salon and his sister, Niamh tells the majority of the visitors to question her about Liam in “Love Island”. She tells that some people talk to her about Liam without even knowing that Liam is her brother. So, Niamh really feels proud of her brother for gaining all this positive exposure from the public. 

Talking about Liam Reardon’s early life and education, there are no specific answers as Liam has not disclosed it yet. As of 2021, Liam Reardon’s age is 23, however, many people still cannot believe that his age is just 23.

Apart from being a Reality Show personality, Liam Reardon is also a model. His attractive looks, good-looking face, and good body have led him to the field of modeling as well. In addition, Liam Reardon is a Welsh bricklayer as well.

How Old Is Liam Reardon? Age, Birthday

Born to the couple Paul and Donna, Love Island Liam Reardon was born on 18th August 1999 in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. Since Liam celebrates his birthday on the 18th of August each year, it makes him a Virgo. Virgos are considered to be logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life, we can assume that Liam Reardon, being a Virgo, inculcates this personality trait within himself.

How Tall Is Liam Reardon? Height, Weight

Liam’s height had been a topic for talk about as his height was pretty impressive. Though, Liam’s height is not the tallest one in “Love Island”, Liam does fall into the category of people with a good height. Reardon’s height is 6 feet and 6 inches. In one of the interviews with ITV, Liam told, “I’m too tall to be a bricklayer, so I’d like to down tools and do a bit of property development.” 

When talking about Liam’s body weight, it is obvious for him to have a fit body since he appears to have an appropriate weight. However, the islander of “Love Island”, has not revealed about his weight yet.

Love Islands Liam Reardon Instagam

Owning a verified account with the username, “@Liamreardon1 Liam Reardon has around 1M followers on Instagram. He seems like he is not that interested in posting on a regular basis, as his total Instagram posts are 273.

By posting photos, Liam updates his Instagram stories. His sister, Niamh manages his Instagram account. If we look at the posts on Liam’s Instagram, the majority of photos are with Millie, one of the islanders of “Love Islanders”

Liam Reardon Nationality, Ethnicity

The Love Island’s Islander, Liam Reardon was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, United Kingdom, which makes his nationality British. Despite holding British nationality, Liam told that he wishes to get out of The UK. While he holds British nationality, his ethnicity is mixed and there is no proper answer as to what ethnicities are mixed.

Who Is Liam Reardons Girlfriend Now?

Liam’s family has claimed that Liam has been planning his wedding day already. His sister tells that his relationship with Millie has an eight out of 10 chance of their relationship getting serious. In addition, she believes that Liam will probably stay with Millie because she aided Liam to come out of his shell. 

Liam Reardon Wife
Liam with his girlfriend Millie | Photo Credit: Instagram

While numerous fans shipped Liam and Millie, their relationship was going great. However, Liam betrayed Millie and brought tears to her eyes. After seeing this, the fans could not stop themselves from posting about it. Lillie told Millie about Liam’s romantic overtures in Casa Armor. After hearing this, Millie broke into pieces and could not stop herself from crying. It is obvious for a partner to cry if he/she gets to know that their other half is betraying them. Luckily, Liam realized that it was all his fault for losing Millie and tried his best in getting her back.

Fortunately, Millie happens to be a kind-hearted person who forgives people and lets go of grudges. To that point, she forgave Liam and they are back together. Their relationship is going smoothly as of now.

How Much Is Liam Reardon Net Worth 2022?

Liam Reardon’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million dollars as of 2022. His net worth includes his various assets, money, and income from his work as a bricklayer in Merthyr, South Wales, as well as his role as a Reality Television Personality.