All About Ice-T Daughter Letesha Marrow, Who Is Her Husband?

Ice-T Daughter Letesha Marrow

Letesha Marrow, who is one of the daughters of renowned American rapper and producer Ice-T (Tracy Lauren Marrow), has grown up in the limelight. Despite being overshadowed by her father’s fame in the initial days, Letesha has carved her own niche as a reality TV star.

Ice-T is also a multifaceted celebrity known for his roles in music, production, writing, and acting. This article explores Letesha Marrow’s journey in the context of her father’s influential legacy. On deck, we have gathered everything that you need to know about Ice-T daughter Letesha Marrow. From her age, birthday, height, and weight, to her boyfriend, background, and more, we’ve got you all covered. 

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Who Is Ice-T Daughter Latesha Marrow? Her Wiki, Biography, and Background

Letesha Marrow, born on March 20, 1976, in New York City, is a 47-year-old Afro-American woman famous for her various roles. She is the daughter of iconic rapper and music producer Tracy Lauren Marrow, famously known as Ice-T, and her mother is Adrienne Marrow. Letesha has two half-siblings, Tracy Marrow Jr. and Chanel Nicole Marrow. Currently seemingly single, she is a devoted mother to her son, Elyjah Marrow, born in 1995. Letesha serves as the CEO, TV host, and assistant director of T-Tea-V.

Latesha Marrow with her father and family
Latesha Marrow with her father and family

Her occupation reflects her multifaceted talents. Outside of her professional life, Letesha enjoys singing, traveling, and spending quality time with her family. Being the daughter of Ice-T, she looks up to him as her role model.

Latesha Marrow, the epitome of modern chic, weaves a tapestry of style and charisma. Making it look more beautiful with captivating tattoos that tell tales of her unique journey.

Fresh out of high school, Letesha entered into the world of reality TV, working on a show called “T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes.” The series gave a sneak peek into her father’s tours and daily life, where she served as the host, CEO, and assistant director.

Later, she became a regular on “Ice Loves Coco,” a show about the daily lives of her father, Ice-T, and his wife Coco. Airing on the E! network for three seasons, the series offered a glimpse into their lives but was eventually discontinued in 2013 due to low viewer ratings.

Latesha Marrow Height and Weight

Ice-T daughter Letesha Marrow is of average height and weight, with an oval-shaped face featuring high cheekbones and a pointed chin, which are often associated with elegance and symmetry. Her hair is long and black in colour. It’s worth noting that these are physical traits, and they don’t provide insight into personality, style, or other non-physical aspects.

Who Is Latesha Marrow Husband, Is She Married Single, Or Engaged? 

Ice-T’s daughter Letesha Marrow hasn’t shared much about her romantic life, like whether she is married, engaged, or single. There are rumors that she got married in the early 90s to a man whose identity remains unknown. However, she hasn’t given any details about him. They have a son named Elyjah Marrow, who unfortunately got into serious trouble.

What Happened To Latesha Marrow Son Elyjah?

Letesha Marrow son Elyjah faced legal issues when he shot his roommate, Daryus Johnson, in the chest with a stolen gun. The police searched Elyjah’s room and found a significant amount of marijuana. Elyjah admitted to using drugs and had to go to court.

He faced charges including involuntary manslaughter, theft, possession, and selling of marijuana. The latest update is that Elyjah is out on bond and is currently living with his family in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

Is Latesha Marrow Active On Social Media?

Latesha Marrow is active on instagram, she often prefers posting her pictures to keep her followers up to date with her day-to-day life. Latesha Marrow posts pictures of herself enjoying the moment and having fun in her personal life. Latesha Marrow is not seen as active on Facebook, and we couldn’t find her Facebook page either. We’ll update this section later.

How Much Is Latesha Marrow Net Worth?

Ice-T’s daughter Letesha Marrow earns a significant income as the host of her own show where she serves as the CEO. Her net worth is $1 million, thanks to her roles as a CEO and TV host, with an estimated annual income of around $180,000.

Compared to the average annual salaries of $161,588 for CEOs and $57,248 for TV hosts, Letesha’s ventures have been notably lucrative. Her wealth allows her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, including a fancy car and expensive jewelry. Additionally, her father’s net worth is estimated at $40 million.

Letesha and her family made headlines for purchasing a $2.1 million mansion in New Jersey. She has been featured on numerous news channels over the years, adding to her public profile.