Halimah Kyrgios Age, Height, Wikipedia, New Boyfriend, Instagram, Net Worth

Halimah Kyrgios age

Known for being the sister of one of the prominent Australian Tennis players -Nick Kyrgios, Halimah has been gaining heed from the public. Halimah’s presence in her brother’s game has given her more exposure than ever. It is true that she has her own identity rather than just being Nick’s small sister, but then it cannot be denied that she is popular for being his sister.

Apart from being Nick Kyrgios’s sister, Halimah has her own life where she has created her own identity. Currently, she is getting more recognition as she debuted in “The Voice” audition in August 2021.

With the increase in number of fans, people are getting curious to know about her personal life such as her height, age, weight, boyfriend, Instagram, nationality, and ethnicity. Many of the individuals might have made assumptions about Halimah age, height, weight, boyfriend, Instagram, ethnicity, and nationality. 


Halimah Kyrgios Quick Facts

Name Halimah Kyrgios
Age 34 years old
Birthday 1988
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5 feet 7 inches 
Weight 140 lbs
Instagram kyrgios_halimah
Marital Status Not Married
Partner Kenji Crockett
Profession Singer, Model

Halimah Kyrgios Wiki, Biography, Early Life, Family Background

Halimah Kyrgios is immensely prominent for being the little sister of an eminent Australian Tennis player, Nick Kyrgios. However, Halimah’s deeds are enough to give her own identity. She is a model, artist, and vocalist. Her amazing body and beautiful looks made her to the modeling field while her soothing voice ultimately led her to debut in “The Voice Australia”.

Halimah Kyrgios wikipedia
Halimah Kyrgios Biography | Photo Credit: Instagram

It has been claimed that Halimah had been singing for many concerts as well. To that point, it clearly shows that she sings really well and has been able to make many fans via her voice.

Halimah Kyrgios’ “The Voice” Audition?

On 16 August 2021, Halimah Kyrgios made her first-ever debut in the audition of “The Voice”. That particular day, as her audition, she sang the song “Chains” by Tina Arena. Through her beautiful vocal, she was able to gain wide recognition from the public. Many people have even commented so as to how good she sang that day. Halimah was also able to impress the judges on the audition day. As of now, her journey is ongoing on the show with numerous people supporting her.

Halimah Kyrgios Age, Birthday

Born as the smallest child to the couple- Norlaila Kyrgios and Giorgos Kyrgios, Halimah Kyrgios was born in Australia. She grew up together with her two siblings, Nick and Christos in Canberra, Australia.

Young Halimah was always fascinated with arts and with the purpose of gaining knowledge of arts to pursue her career in the art field, she attended Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore. In addition, she holds a degree of BA Honors in musical Theatres. While Halimah was born in Australia, she chose to move to Singapore for her college. It could be because she wanted to live independently, away from her home or she could have found that college better than the ones in Australia for that particular field.

Presently, Halimah Kyrgios age is 34 but then she has not disclosed her exact birthdate. To that point, we do not have answers for her birthday. However, it has been found that her zodiac sign is Taurus and as Taurus are considered to have strong desire for social stability, we assume that Halimah has inculcated this personality trait within herself.

Halimah Kyrgios Height, Weight

Halimah Kyrgios is absolutely beautiful and has a gorgeous body. She is taller than average Australian females and her height has made her more attractive. Beautiful long legs and a good vocal is what Halimah is about. She has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Talking about her body weight, she appears to look fit and healthy, with an hourglass figure. We can assume that her body weight is balanced but then we have no answers so as to what her actual weight is. Halimah has not publicized her weight yet. We will update you on it soon.

Nationality, Ethnicity

As it has been claimed that Halimah grew up in Canberra, there is a possibility that Canberra could be her birthplace. To that point, it brings her nationality to be Australian. About her ethnicity, she is mixed as her dad was from Greek while her mom was a regal relative in Malaysia.

Who Is Halimah Kyrgios Boyfriend, Relationship Updates

Halimah Kyrgios previously hooked up with a German-Jamaican Tennis player, “Dustin Brown”. The couple started their relationship in 2017 and the relationship was going great.

Halimah Kyrgios Dating, Married
Halimah Kyrgios and her ex-boyfriend Dustin Brown

Picture credit: thesun.co.uk

However, due to some misunderstanding, the couple split up and Dustin is already dating another woman. While on the other side, Halimah Kyrgios is presently single. She chose to stay single because she might be wanting to give time and focus on her career.

Lately, it has been reported that Halimah Kyrgios is indeed dating a new man, so who is her new boyfriend?

Apparently, Halimah Kyrgios is currently dating her boyfriend Kenji Crockett, her new boyfriend is a dancer, singer, and actor. Likewise, as per his Instagram bio, he also works as a vocalist at Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Halimah Kyrgios made her relationship public via her Instagram post, but how the couple first met is still not made public. It seems like Halimah Kyrgios is having a good time now with her boyfriend Kenji Crockett as we can see the couple uploading each other pictures very often on their respective Instgaram handle. 

Halimah Kyrgios Instagram

Halimah Kyrgios is quite popular on Instagram. While many people already followed on her account, the number of people who are following her is increasing tremendously. It could be because she debuted in “The Voice Australia 2021”.

Halimah Kyrgios boyfriend

Halimah Kyrgios has a verified account with the username “@kyrgios_halimah” and has around 62.1k followers. She seems to be involved in this social networking site and appears to post frequently. Furthermore, she often updates her Instagram stories. Halimah’s Instagram bio reads:

@thevoiceau Season 10 – 2021

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