Darlene Slaton Age, Height, Weight, Wikipedia, Husband [2023 UPDATES]

Darlene Slaton age

Season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters is well underway and has all the Slaton sisters’ most recent information that our hearts can handle. Tammy and Amy, two sisters from Kentucky, are the focus of the TLC program as they go to receive weight-loss surgery. While Amy has been successful in her endeavor, Tammy still seems to be having trouble.

The new season has already won over viewers, who can’t get enough of seeing Tammy choosing her new caregiver or the sisters having afternoon tea with their mother. 

On deck, we have gathered some of Tammy and Amy Slaton mother Darlene Slaton wiki facts including updates on her age, height, weight, Instagram, married, husband, net worth, and more. 

Darlene Slaton Quick Facts

Full Name Darlene Rednour Franklin
Know as Darlene Slaton
Age 61 years old
Birthday December 25, 1960
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 176 lbs
Instagram @daralene.slaton
Married Yes
Husband Robert Franklin
Children Amy, Tammy, Amanda, Mistry, and Chris
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $500,000
Profession Tv personality

Who Is Darlene Slaton? Wiki, Biography

Darlene Rednour Franklin aka Darlene Slaton is the mother of YouTube reality stars Tammy and Amy Slaton. Shawneetown, Illinois, is the hometown of Darlene Rednour. She was living in Morganfield, Kentucky, as of 2021, however. Amy and Tammy both grew up and were born in Kentucky. Before the 1990s, Darlene must have shifted to Kentucky.

The nature of Darlene Rednour’s profession was not made public. She may have attended a high school in Shawneetown, Illinois, where she was raised. In 2020, Darlene Rednour makes a short cameo on 1000-Lb Sisters alongside her late husband Robert. Her attendance on the television was as unsupportive as they come, putting Amy and Tammy’s decisions in the dock.

Darlene Slaton has appeared on the show since 2016 when it began. She has been a major part of the show, supporting her daughters as they continue to pursue their dreams. She is often seen providing them with love and support while also offering wise advice.

Darlene also loves to cook and bake for her daughters. Outside of her role on the show, Darlene is an active member of her church and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She is an avid gardener and loves to take care of her plants. She is also a passionate animal lover and has a pet dog.

Who Is Darlene Slaton Husband Now? Was Darlene Slaton Married Twice?

Darlene has been married twice, but unfortunately, neither marriage lasted. She wed her first spouse in the late 1980s, but his identity is undisclosed. Regarding her prior marriage, Darlene upheld extreme confidentiality.

Amy, Tammy, Amanda, Mistry, and Chris are the names of the five kids Darlene and her undisclosed first husband had together. Darlene and her first husband split after an unspecified period of years. Darlene and her late husband Robert Franklin made a second try at marriage.

On February 24, 2013, the couple exchanged vows at the Grove Center Faith Chapel chapel. Robert Franklin was a full-time fireman and a volunteer dispatcher. Only eight years of their relationship were spent together until Robert’s untimely death on January 6, 2021, at the age of 62.

How Much Is Darlene Slaton Net Worth?

According to several reports, Darlene Slato’s daughter Tammy, and Amy are said to be worth $100,000 and $250,000. TLC reportedly pays them more than $5,000 every episode. This equals at least $50,000 every season. Amy has a successful YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers in addition to 1000-Lb Sisters. Tammy Slaton’s anticipated net worth in 2022 is somewhat less than Amy’s. Due to Tammy now having a considerably lower YouTube following, her net worth is estimated to be $100,000. Currently, Tammy has slightly over 150,000 YouTube followers.

Likewise, talking about their mother Darlene Slato net worth, she is currently worth more than $500,000 dollars as of 2023. She has reportedly earned thousands of dollars from her appearances on the popular TLC reality show,My 600lb Life,

Is Tammy Slaton Mother Darlene Slaton Dead or Alive?

Tammy Slaton’s mother Darlene Slaton is still alive. Darlene currently resides in Morganfield and appears in the series 100-LB Sisters. Darlene lost her husband a year ago, so it goes without saying that she is struggling to deal with the loss.

She currently resides in Morganfield, Kentucky, with her other children. Despite this, Darlene is likely working to rebuild her life after losing her devoted spouse.

How Old Is Darlene Slaton? Age, Birthday 

Born in the year 1960, Amy and Tammy Slaton’s mother Darlene Slaton age is 61 years old, her exact date of birth is on December 25, 1960, she was born in Shawneetown, Illinois. Her zodiac sign, according to her birthday, is Capricorn.

Darlene is meanwhile residing in Morganfield, Kentucky, as of 2023. She might have decided to move to Kentucky before the 1990s as Tammy and Amy were both born and raised there.

How Tall Is Darlene Slaton? Height, Weight

The 1,000-pound Sisters stars’ mother, Darlene Rednour, is less than 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs more than 80 kg (176 lbs). It is reasonable to infer that the family had a weight issue given her weight and the weight of her kids, who once combined to weigh more than 1000 lbs. Her son Chris Combs was also fighting obesity.

Darlene Slaton Instagram

We were unable to find her Instagram account, unfortunately. However, on Facebook, Darlene Slaton has been using the handle @daralene.slaton. Her cover photo was a picture from her wedding, and her profile picture was of her holding a chihuahua.