Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend Heidi Berger: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Relationship, Net Worth

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend Heidi Berger Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Relationship, Net Worth

Driving races are fun and exciting to watch when it comes to seeing talented racers. Daniel Ricciardo is one of the racers who have been gaining fame from the public. Seeing him racing, melts many people’s hearts and he has been able to receive love from the public.

It is discernible that the majority of people know Daniel Ricciardo and he has numerous fans. These fans are obviously curious regarding his love life. Thus, more than Daniel, people started giving heed to his girlfriend to know more about her as she had been dating one of the famous racers.

To know  Daniel Ricciardo’s rumored girlfriend, Heidi Berger, read the article which is compiled of her personal information such as age, birthday, biography, height, weight, relationship, Instagram, and net worth 2021.

Who is Daniel Ricciardo girlfriend, Heidi Berger? Wiki, Biography

Heidi Berger is a well-known individual. However, more than knowing her from her deeds, people know her for being Daniel’s girlfriend. Daniel Ricciardo is an Italian-Australian racing driver who is currently competing in Formula One. Daniel is a famous athlete who has numerous fans and supporters. So, his love life with Heidi Berger caught people’s attention. Thus, most people know Heidi Berger as Daniel’s girlfriend. Heidi Berger is currently a student and does not have a professional field as of now. However, Heidi Berger is an aspiring actress who has starred in a few TV Series between 2012-2015.

How old is Daniel Ricciardo girlfriend, Heidi Berger? Age, Birthday

Daniel Ricciardo was born on 1st July 1989 in Perth, Australia. As of 2021, his age is 32. On the other side, his girlfriend, Heidi is younger than him. Currently, she is 24 years old. However, Heidi has not disclosed her birth date, so we do not have information on which day she celebrates her birthday. Talking about her educational qualifications, she is presently studying in NYC. Regardless, Heidi Berger has not publicized her parents and siblings. 

How tall is Daniel Ricciardo girlfriend, Heidi Berger? Height, Weight

The Australian racing driver, Daniel has an attractive look with a tall height and a well-maintained body. He has gained more followers not only because of his driving skills but because of his physical looks too. Daniel’s height is 1.8 meters tall. On the other side, it appears that Daniel maintains his body weight. To be specific, he weighs around 68 kg. Talking about Daniel’s girlfriend, Heidi seems to have a short height as compared to her boyfriend. However, there is no information on her height and weight.

What is the Instagram account of Heidi Berger? Instagram

Heidi Berger is quite popular on Instagram. Her account is @heidiberger_. Berger’s Instagram account is verified and she has around 26.8k followers. On the other side, Heidi follows around 648 people. However, it seems that Heidi is not fascinated with posting on her Instagram account. She seldom posts on her account maybe because she is not that comfortable sharing her personal photos on her Instagram. As of now, she only has 50 posts on her Instagram account. 

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend Heidi Berger Instagram

Daniel Ricciardo and Heidi Berger’s relationship updates!

Many people were exhilarated when Daniel and Heidi’s relationship came to social media. Not that, Daniel or Heidi posted about their relationship on their social media accounts but rather, people assumed that they were dating. After seeing Daniel and Heidi spending time together, creating memories together, and even celebrating Daniel’s 32nd birthday together, the rumors started spreading. They were also seen together in a video where they were riding in a helicopter in St Tropez. As of now, the pair has not officially declared their relationship but there is a maximum chance of them dating.

What is the net worth of Heidi Berger? Net worth 2021

Being an Italian-Australian driver, Daniel Ricciardo makes a heft net worth. No doubt, he is one of the successful drivers who are extremely rich. Although we do not know his exact monthly salary, according to some sources, his net worth is 50 million USD. Isn’t this net worth more than sufficient for Daniel to live a luxurious life? On the other side, his rumored girlfriend does not have a professional field. So, we assume that she does not make money from her full-time job as she is still studying.