Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land Age, Wiki, Instagram, Net Worth

Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land Age

Bev Land is immensely famous for being Dania Ramirez’s husband. Dania is a Dominican actress who is successful in her career. Also, as she is an actor, she has been appearing on the screen several times. Therefore, people started noticing her and giving her attention. As of now, she receives love and support from the public.

As Dania has numerous fans, people started giving heed to her love life. Thus, Bev received wide recognition from the public. However, we cannot deny that Bev himself is successful and famous. Along with his wife, Bev is also involved in the acting field.

As people are interested to know Bev Land’s personal information. Here is some information about Bev Land age, birthday, wiki, biography, height, weight, Instagram, and net worth.

Bev Land Quick Facts

Name Bev Land
Birthday N/A
Age N/A
Height 6 Feet
Weight 185lbs
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, Director
Relationship Married
Girlfriend Dania Ramirez
Zodiac Sign   N/A
Instagram @bevland22
Net Worth $ 20 million

Who Is Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land? Wiki, Biography

Anyone who has been involved in the acting field gains attention from the public. Likewise, Land has been receiving wide recognition from the public. The land is an eminent American actor and director. With his overall performance, he has been able to win the hearts of myriads of people. Furthermore, he owns numerous fans and supporters.

More than anything, Bev Land is immensely famous for, “What are the odds”, “All Over Guy”, and “Lycan”. As a director, he debuted his first-ever movie, “What are the Odds” in 2004. But before releasing his movie, and working as a director, he was one of the actors in the movie, “All Over The Guy”. In 2017, he released another movie, “Lycan”.

The land was the writer as well as the director of the movie. Apart from being an actor and director, Bev Land is also the owner of the company named, “Cannabis Company”

How Old Is Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land? Age, Birthday

Bev Land’s wife, Dania Ramirez was born on 8th November 1979 in the Dominican Republic. Dania Ramirez’s age is 42 years old.  Dania celebrates her birthday each year on the 8th of November, her zodiac sign is Scorpio. On the other side, Dania’s husband, Bev seems to be a private and low-key person, and therefore, he has not revealed his birthdate.

Furthermore, we do not have any information regarding his parents and siblings. Likewise, Bev has not revealed his educational qualifications either.

How Tall Is Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land? Height, Weight

Looking at Bev Land, we can directly assume that he has a tall height. Even while standing with any person or any surroundings, he appears tall. Bev Land is about 6 feet tall and weighs around  185lbs. Talking about his body weight, it seems that Bev Land is fit and healthy. 

Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land Instagram

Bev Land does not have a huge number of followers on his Instagram account. Although he has a verified Instagram account. His Instagram account is @bevland22.

Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land Instagram

As of now, he has around 1k followers while he followers around 400 people. It seems Dania Ramirez’s husband, Bev is not that fascinated with Instagram. Therefore, he does not post that often. Also, as of now, he has only 181 posts.

Bev Land And Dania Ramirez Relationship Updates!!

Bev Land is married to Dania Ramirez. While there is no information on how the couple met, the couple has revealed that they got engaged in 2011. Bev and Dania were madly in love with each other and took an initiative for lifting up their relationship. There, they got engaged.

Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land relationship

After 2 years of engagement, on 16th February, Dania and Bev shared their wedding vows and got married. Their marriage ceremony was held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. As of now, the couple is happy together. Furthermore, they are parents to two of their two twin children.

How Much Is Dania Ramirez Husband Bev Land Net Worth?

Dania Ramirez’s husband, Bev Land is quite successful in his career. Being an actor, writer, producer, and director, Bev makes a huge amount of money. In addition, he makes a hefty net worth from his company too.

So, it is discernible that the actor earns a huge amount of money. According to different sources, Bev Land net worth is 20 million USD.