April Ross Husband Bradley Keenan: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Instagram, Dating, Net Worth


Bradley Keenan is immensely prominent as April Ross Husband. April Ross is a professional American beach volleyball player who received a gold medal in the Summer Olympics 2020. However, Bradley Keenan has done more deeds to identify himself.

Along with his wife, Bradley is also a professional volleyball player. He commenced his volleyball journey professionally in the year 2006. More than knowing him as a person for what he did in his life, Bradley gained more exposure as his husband of April.

It might be because his wife was able to reach up to the Olympics and gain a medal. Though the reason is unclear, myriads of people do not know who Bradley is, if it was not for being April’s husband.

Who is April Ross Husband Bradley Keenan?

April Ross's Husband Bradley Keenan

Bradley Keenan is a professional volleyball player. Currently, as of 2021, he is the coach of volleyball at Arizona State University. Earlier, he was an assistant coach at Concordia University in California. Moreover, in 2016, he was the head coach of the Sun Devil Beach Volleyball program. Bradley is a skillful person when it comes to playing volleyball and is a good coach.

How Old Is April Ross Husband Bradley Keenan?

On 10th August 1981, Bradley was born in Fullerton, California, United States. Owning a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Pepperdine University in Malibu, he graduated. Later, he did Masters in Exercise and Sports Science.

Currently, as of 2021, Bradley is 40 years old. 

How Tall Is April Ross Husband Bradley Keenan?

Bradley is very tall and maybe that is one of the factors that aided his journey in volleyball. He is 2.01 meters tall which is different from the average American height. Being taller adds more weight to a person and hence, Bradley is almost 98 kg.

What Is April Ross Husband Bradley Keenan Instagram?

Bradley seems to keep his life lowkey and private. To that point, he does not own an Instagram account. He seems to be an individual who prefers to enjoy life without the use of social networking sites.

Is Bradley married to April Ross?

Sharing happiness and sorrows, the couple spent many years together, they dated for years, and then in 2010, they eventually got married. It was too obvious for the couple to end up together because they were madly in love with each other. April shared that the wedding day for too hilarious for her as she directly jumped into the pool with a wedding dress. It seems like the couple was wanting to get together for so long.

Along with sharing each other’s happiness, they gave birth to two children-Peri(daughter) and Well(son).

Bradley Keenan Girlfriend
April Ross And Bradley Keenan.

Did April Ross And Bradley Keenan Got Divorced?

It is quintessentially true that the couple was happily married with kids. However, after entering their conjugal life for almost 8 years, the couple decided to split up. In 2018, the couple got a divorce and separated from each other. The reason for the divorce is still unclear.

How Much Does April Ross Husband Bradley Keenan Earn?

Being the coach of Arizona University and the involvement in many other activities related to volleyball, Bradley probably makes a huge amount of money. It is obvious for Bradley to earn a lot but as of now, he has not disclosed his net worth yet. Hence, it is difficult to make assumptions about his net worth.