Explore 4kpapi Wiki Fact, Age, Height, And Net Worth Updates

4kpapi wiki, bio, age, height, net worth

4k Papi is gradually becoming an internet sensation chiefly on Instagram and YouTube. Boasting an impressive 331k subscribers and over 12 million video views, this famous photographer has earned brief celebrity status.

Many of you may be accustomed to 4k Papi as¬†Andrea Espada’s boyfriend. Espada is a popular Television personality from Columbia; she rocks over 6 million followers on Instagram.

Though Andrea Espada is a regular subject for discussion, not much is addressed about her boyfriend. But, today we are delving into¬†Andrea Espada¬†partner 4kpapi’s personal life.

How old is 4k Papi? What is¬†4k Papi real name? Let’s get updated about 4k Papi¬†wiki, bio, birthday, age, and height.

How much 4k Papi¬†does make annually? See 4k Papi¬†net worth and¬†Instagram. Here is everything you need to know about¬†4kpapi,¬†Andrea Espada’s boyfriend.

4kpapi Quick Facts

Name 4kpapi
Age 30’s
Birthday Under Review
Height 188.976 cm
Weight 187.393 lbs
Married Yes
Wife/Partner Andrea Espada
Nationality Lebanon
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $350k

Who Is 4kpapi Wiki, Bio, Age, & Height

With reference to his official Instagram page,¬†4kpapi is originally from¬†Lebanon, a country in western Asia. Andrea Espada¬†partner 4kpapi age is apparently around early 30’s.

In terms of age,¬†4kpapi’s girlfriend,¬†Andrea Espada is 32 years; she celebrates her birthday on August 17 each year. Currently, 4kpapi is living in the United States together with¬†Espada and her son.

4kpapi real name is Ali- again the reference is taken from his Instagram account. 4kpapi aka Ali is a¬†common name in Lebanon and other Arab countries.¬†4kpapi stands tall at an apparent height of over 6 feet. His girlfriend’s height is 5 feet 7 inches and he is considerably taller than her.

4kpapi Andrea Espada Relationship

It’s no secret that¬†4kpapi is in living together relationship with a Columbian celeb; besides this, he isn’t vocal about his past girlfriends.

Even 4kpapi Instagram feeds are saturated with¬†Andrea Espada’s photos. Their family pictures are also common on the page. But 4kpapi’s dating history isn’t traceable as the hints aren’t available.

4kpapi and¬†Andrea Espada are raising a young lad called ‘Ferran The Fashion King’.¬†In 2018, Espada’s son becomes eight years old.

How Much Is 4kpapi Net Worth

On YouTube, you can find¬†4kpapi’s videos on the channel named¬†The Royalty Family.¬†The channel follows¬†Andrea, Ali, Ferran & Princesa and their daily life.

4kpapi’s followers are ever increasing on Instagram; currently, 365k people watch his every move. On his online platform¬†4kpapi regularly promotes brands and milk¬†money from sponsorship.

4kpapi net worth is accumulating over the years. It is reported that his girlfriend has an estimated net worth of $350k in 2018.¬†4kpapi is sharing the fortune with her; so his net worth is speculated to be around a similar figure.¬†4kpapi’s actual net worth is currently under review.


  1. though what is his last name? because it has been announced they did proposed, but HAD Not yet got married, according to a November video and a January video Andrea addressed.


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