Mia Maples Age, Height, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Mia Maples Age
Photo Credit: Instagram

The boom of youtube has brought many talented creators to the spotlight, among them one of the most loved Canadian creators is Mia Maples. Mia runs a Youtube channel named “Mia Maples”, previously known as “Ivorygirl48”, with over 3 million subscribers.

Mia does not associate herself with one type of content only, her dynamic content includes DIY tutorials, home makeovers, hauls, pranks, beauty Vlogs, product reviews, and general lifestyle Vlogs. The genuine and natural self in her videos is what her fans love the most.

The more she reveals about herself through her Youtube videos, the more people are interested in her. On deck, get to know more about Mia Maples age, height, weight, Instagram, relationships, ethnicity, background, and more.

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Mia Maples Quick Facts

Name Mia Maples
Age 23 years old
Birthday 18 March 1999
Height 5 feet 5 inch
Weight around 50 kgs
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Siblings Alfonzo Maples
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Instagram @miamaples
Net worth $1 million 

Who Is Mia Maples? Wiki, Biography

Mia Maples is a Youtuber based out of Canada who rose to fame through her making tutorial videos and gradually ventured into different types of content too. Mia is native to Canada, she was brought up alongside her brother Alfonzo, in Canada itself.

Mia Maples created her YouTube channel on February 14, 2013. Since her childhood, she was interested in beauty and makeup, she would even tried on various makeup products from a young age. Her first video on her channel was also a makeup tutorial, later the second one was her brother, Alfonzo, doing her makeup.

Mia Maples Wiki
Photo Credit: Instagram

Mia Maples became consistent in creating more diverse content and implementing positive feedback, which gradually increased her following. Even after such fame, she does not take her viewers for granted and uploads new content three times a week. Mia started a second YouTube channel named “The Boring Life of Memo” in September 2019.

Mia Maples already has 153k subscribers on this channel. Her immense popularity has made her an advertising partner of Style Haul. Moreover, she sells her signature sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, and sunflower phone cases on Fanjoy.

 How Old Is Mia Maples? Age, Birthday

Despite such a young age, she has gained such a fanbase and popularity, which is only growing. Mia is 23 years of age only. She celebrates her birthday every year on 18 March 1999, with her family and close ones. Mia Maples zodiac sign is Pisces.

How Tall Is Mia Maples? Height, Weight

Mia is an internet personality, she rose to fame through her youtube videos, so, she is only seen in her videos. She seems to have an average Canadian height. Her height measures 5 feet 5 inches. She has maintained her body weight pretty well and has a nice figure too. She weighs around 50 kg.

 Mia Maples Instagram 

Mia being famous on Youtube is active with a good number of fan followers on other social media as well. She is on Instagram as “@miamaples“, with over 495k followers and 360 posts.

She regularly updates her viewers about her life on Instagram through her posts and stories.

Is Mia Maples Dating? Boyfriend Or Engagement?

Mia started dating Luke in 2015 when she was just 16 years old. They frequently appeared together in Mia’s early videos in 2017-2018. They had split up around the time of their vacation to Hawaii.

The breakup was somewhat amicable, but it took Mia a long time to accept the end of her four-year relationship despite the fact that she was the one who called it quits.

Mia Maples Boyfriend
Mia with her fiance Stuart | Photo Credit: Instagram

However, Mia got engaged to her boyfriend, Stuart, in 2021. She published a video titled “Meet My Fiancé!! *answering all your questions*” in early 2022. She explained in the video that he’s a pretty private guy, but he gladly accepted being in a video since he’s decided to spend his life with me.

Who Are Mia Maples’s Parents? Family, Parents

Mia has a loving family which includes her parents and a brother. She has featured both her parents and brother in her videos. However, her parent’s name and their background are not revealed, as Mia likes to keep her parents’ life private and not expose them too much on social media.

Through her videos, we can see that she is delighted and satisfied with her family.

How Much Is Mia Maples’s Net worth?

Mia has made a successful career on Youtube with a large number of subscribers, which brought her ad revenue and viewership money from youtube also.

Moreover, she earns from her work in Style Haul and from selling her signature clothing items. At such a young age she has made a very good amount of money. She is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million.