Karsten Warholms Girlfriend Oda Djupvik Age, Wiki, Instagram

Karsten Warholms Girlfriend Oda Djupvik Age

Oda Djupvik is gaining more heed than ever. Her boyfriend, Karsten  Warholm contributed to giving her more exposure. Karsten Warholm is a Norwegian 400 meters hurdler who is almost ready to achieve his first ever Olympic Title in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Oda and Karsten have been together for a long time. They are the best paragon for what it is called a “power couple”. The dual has supported each other during one’s battle whether it is a game or life.

Sharing happiness with anyone feels good but when it comes to pouring out one’s sadness, it is daunting to express one’s feelings even to the closest ones. However, the couple has set the bar too high for all the couples out there.

Details of Oda to keep up with?

Who is Oda Djupvik?

Oda Djupvik is well-known for being Karsten’s girlfriend. The stunning looks of Oda are what Karsten falls for. Oda may not have involved herself in sectors that gain attention from the public, however, she is an independent woman. She is a graduate of one of the largest business schools in Norway-The BI Norwegian Business School. Moreover, she has completed her Master’s degree in Finance.


According to Oda’s LinkedIn account, she is currently in Oslo and has been working as an equity research intern at Parento Securities.

What is the age of Karsten Warholms Girlfriend Oda Djupvik?


Oda Djupvik celebrates her birthday each year on the 15th of October. Though her birthdate has not been disclosed yet, it is assumed that she is younger than her boyfriend, Karsten who is just 25. Moreover, Oda seems to be a private person, to that point, she has not publicized her parents’ names. 

At 18, Oda was diagnosed with lymph node cancer but god was in her favor and aided her in recovering from it. She commenced her treatment as fast as she could and tells that she is thankful for getting a chance to live again. “It was tough but luckily my body handled it very well, so I could live quite normally”, she says.

What is the height and weight of Karsten Warholms Girlfriend Oda?

The gorgeous girlfriend of Karsten looks of an average height. However, she has not uttered a word about her height. Talking about her weight, Oda looks fit and healthy but her weight cannot be predicted.

Did Karsten break up with Oda?

Oda and Karsten have been dating for a very long time. We do not have the exact date so as to when the couple started dating but the first time, Karsten posted about Oda was on 17th May 2015. He posted a photo with Oda with the caption “She took the picture, edited it and persuaded me to post it” in the Norwegian language. To that point, it can be assumed that the couple commenced their relationship in 2015 onwards.


Karsten Warholms Girlfriend Oda Djupvik Relationship

Oda and Karsten are deeply in love with each other and no doubt, their gesture shows it all. While Oda was a cancer patient, Karsten did not give up on her and loved her more than ever. Karsten had his first debut in World Championship in London and for that, he traveled to London. Oda was also interested to see her boyfriend run so she headed toward London. To her surprise, she was declared cancer-free before she traveled to London.

In London, Karsten won his match and here Oda won hers. The couple met in London after winning their own battle and celebrated their winnings.

What is the Instagram account of Karsten Warholms Girlfriend Oda?

With followers of around 4.6k, Oda is active on her Instagram account. She seems to post a lot about her together moments with her boyfriend Her Instagram username is “@odadjupvik” and has 137 posts in total.