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Justin Narayan Wiki

Justin Narayan is a MasterChef Australia contestant, professionally a youth pastor. Justin participated in the 13th season of MasterChef Australia. While a lot of other chefs from the top 24 were eliminated, Justin managed to reach the top 3. 

While the Grand Finale hasn’t aired, the atmosphere is tense as Justin is competing to win. He has shown impressive feats during his time in MasterChef Australia and fans are hoping for him to win.


Justin Narayan MasterChef Quick Facts:

Full Name Justin Narayan
Birthplace Australia
Age 27 years old
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight 70kg
Occupation Youth Pastor
Salary Not disclosed
Nationality Australian
Girlfriend N/A
Relationship Status Engaged
Instagram @justinnarayan
Net Worth Not disclosed

Full Name

Justin Narayan

How Old Is Justin Narayan MasterChef? Age, Birthday

However, we do not have any information on his parents and siblings. Justin Narayan seems to reveal only his age and birthday; keep his other personal information private. Likewise, we do not have any information on Justin Narayan’s educational qualifications. Justin Narayan was born in 1994, however his exact birthdate isn’t known. His age as of 2021 is 27 years old.

How Tall Is Justin Narayan Masterchef? Height, Weight

The famous TV personality, Justin Narayan seems to have a tall height and a moderate weight. Justin Narayan’s height is probably taller than average Australian individuals. However, some sources have claimed that Justin Narayan height is above 5 feet 10 Inches. Talking about Justin Narayan’s weight, he seems to have a maintained body weight and as of nowJustin Narayan body weight is 70kg. . 

Zodiac Sign

Not disclosed




Youth Pastor



Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Justin Narayan MasterChef’s Family / Early Life 

Justin Narayan was born in Western Australia to his parents. While Justin has Fijian and Indian heritage, he’s the first generation born in Australia. Justin was inspired from none other than his own mum to start cooking. Justin says she is hands-down the best cook he knows. 

He has three siblings and he is the eldest of them. According to Justin’s Network Ten bio, Justin has always been close to his grandmother and grandfather, whom he lovingly calls parti and tata. He loved watching cooking shows together and cooking for them. Justin started cooking aged 13 and has been passionate about it since then. 

Is Justin Narayan Masterchef in a Relationship?

.Justin is already engaged. His fiancée is named Esther. He has always loved witnessing how his food can make people feel, he is often cooking for his fiancée Esther. Although they have been engaged for quite some time, Justin hasn’t shown her on his social media and hasn’t been seen with her in public. 

How much Is Justin Narayan Masterchef Worth?

Justin is professionally a youth pastor however he has always been very passionate about cooking. He travelled to India in 2017 and fell in love with its culture, history, people and of course, its food, which in turn also inspired him to participate in MasterChef. Having worked as a youth pastor to help create a fun and safe community for teenagers.

Justin has decided to fully commit to cooking. He has also put his Masters’ study on hold to try his luck in the MasterChef kitchen. According to Justin himself, he would love to one day have a food truck or restaurant featuring the Indian flavours he grew up eating, where some profits would go to helping feed and educate children living in the slums of India. Surprisingly, Justin has also tried his hand at acting and has made a cameo in Rash Decision (2018).

Judge Jock Zonfrillo's dramatic prank sends MasterChef contestant crashing  to the floor | Daily Mail Online

The finale of season 13 of MasterChef Australia isn’t out yet however according to spoilers, Justin has actually won this season. Justin has been working as a pastor but recently chose cooking as a profession so his income is difficult to determine.