Josh Caddy: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Instagram, Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Josh Caddy Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Relationship, Net Worth

Making unparalleled contributions in the field of Football, Josh has received love and support from the audience. Through his football-related skills and talents, he gained wide recognition from people. Josh is not only fascinated by playing football but also his career is totally linked to the football field.

Josh Caddy is an Australian football player and has played for the clubs-Richmond Football club, Gold Coast Football Club, and Geelong Football Club. Playing 169 games with total goals of 163, Josh is amazingly talented in this particular field. He owns a total of 172 premierships and was a premiership player with Richmond Football Club in the years 2017 and 2019.

Many people do not take football as the way to live their lives, however, with extreme dedication and devotion, one can succeed and develop possibilities in making a career out of it. We can take the professional player Josh as a paragon of it. Since his fans may be curious to know more about him let’s get into Josh Caddy’s wiki biography, age, height, weight, relationship status, and Instagram. To that point, continue reading to know more about Josh Caddy.

Josh Caddy Quick Facts

Name Josh Caddy
Age 29 years old
Birthday 28 September 1992
Height 6 feet
Weight 88kg
Instagram Josh_Caddy
Girlfriend Single
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $1m- $5m 

Josh Caddy’s Wiki, Biography

Josh Caddy is eminently known for being a professional football player. As of 2021, he is contracted to the Tigers until the end of 2022. He is a player of Richmond Football Club in the Australian Football League and was a former player of Gold Coast Football Club from 2013-2016. Moreover, he was a premiership player of Richmond in 2017 and 2019.

Josh Caddy Wiki

Unfortunately, in July 2021, Caddy caught up with a medium-term hamstring injury. Caddy sustained the injury in the second quarter and was sidelined for the remainder of the match. Caddy will commence his injury rehab program on the Gold Coast, and the Club will provide further updates on his progress and availability.

Josh Caddy’s Age, Birthday

Born as a child to the couple- Joanne and Adrian, Josh was born on 28th September 1992 Now he is 29 years old and he celebrates His birthday every 28 September. He grew up together with his two elder brothers- Saul & Jonathon and his sister, Elisha. All of them spent their childhood years in the north-eastern Melbourne suburb of Eltham.

Attending two different high schools, Josh completed his education. He attended Marcellin College and Eltham College in Melbourne’s northeast. He then attended Federation University in Australia and did a bachelor’s in Business, Management, Marketing, and related support Services.

As of 2021, Josh Caddy’s age is 29 years old, It is true that his age is near to early thirties but he still has the same energy as if his age is just 16 or 17.

Josh Caddy’s Height, Weight

Attractive looks and a fit body comes to our mind when we think of a football player. Fulfilling the imagination of what a footballer looks like, Josh Caddy is extremely attractive and many people even have a crush on him. He is taller and has a height of 6 feet and an inch (186 cm). Looking at his body, we can assume that he is a fitness freak and takes good care of his health and body. To that point, his weight is 88 kg. Hearing his weight to be 88kg, many people might think he has a chubby body but due to his fit and hard muscles, and his height, he weighs around 88 kg.

Josh Caddy Instagram 

Owning a verified Instagram account, Josh Caddy has his Instagram account opened with the username “josh_caddy“. He has 39.6k followers and he is quite active on this social networking site. As of 2021 (August), he has 157 posts in total.

He mainly posts photos of himself whether it could be on a vacation or him playing football. No doubt, the field of football gave him more fame than ever which led to numerous people following him on Instagram.

It can be seen that out of many social media platforms, Josh is just active on this particular app. While there are a lot of tweets made for him on Twitter, Josh has not been involved in Twitter yet.

Josh Caddy And Nadia Bartel Relationship Updates!

According to sources, it has been claimed that Caddy was spotted leaving the 36-year-old, Nadia’s inner city pad. Nadia is Jimmy’s ex who happens to be a teammate of Josh. They have been seen together privately but then they have not disclosed so as to what relationship they have with each other. The dual was a headline to an article in New Magazine last year.

However, most people did not give much attention to it and the headline just faded with time but recently, the pair has been a topic for people to gossip about. So, people commenced reading the article posted by New Magazine which had the title, “Nadia leans on Jimmy’s teammate”.  It has also been claimed that during the spilt between Nadia and the Australian football player, Jimmy, his teammate, Josh Caddy fully supported Nadia and gave her his shoulders to lean on.

While all the incidents between Nadia and Josh hint at them dating, it has not been confirmed yet. However, they might just be friends, there is an equal possibility of them dating each other. It is because if they were just friends, there is no reason to meet in private. To that point, this could be taken as a hint but the day the pair announce their dating, it will not be that surprising to the audience.

However, Josh has not uttered a word on his relationship status.

Josh Caddy’s Net Worth

According to sources, the Australian professional football player is extremely rich and his net worth is also high. He is an independent person who has been devoting his life to the football field. Also, the clubs pay him well so we can assume that he is living a luxurious life with his all needs and desires fulfilled. It is estimated that his net worth is around 1 million- 5 million USD.