Who Is Jesseca Dupart Baby Daughter Father?

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Jesseca Dupart grew as an Entrepreneur in a short time and is known for her hair product line, Kaleidoscope. She has built a brilliant enterprise in a very short span of time.

Facing several challenges in her life, Jesseca Dupart learned to become independent since her young age. She was interested in cosmetology since her childhood and started working as a hair stylist since her teenage from her family’s home.

Collecting a large fan base, her fans are curious to know about her personal life. So without further ado, let’s find out about Jesseca Dupart bio and wiki facts.

Let’s find out who Jesseca Dupart boyfriend is, and what is her net worth. Also, we will discuss the Jesseca Dupart family.

Jesseca Dupart Quick Facts

Name Jesseca Dupart
Age 39y/o
Birthday February 12
Height 5ft 2in
Weight 87kg
Net Worth $ 400,000
Boyfriend/Dating No
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American

How Old Is Jesseca Dupart? Age, Birthdate

As of 2021 Jesseca Dupart age is 39 years. According to Jesseca Dupart wiki, her birthday is on February 12, 1982. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Who Is Jesseca Dupart? Biography

Jesseca Dupart has a difficult time growing up. She became pregnant with her first child when her age was only 15 years. A young mother, she became pregnant again when her age was 17 years.

Although she grew in a supportive family, Jesseca second pregnancy was unbearable to her parents. They kicked Jesseca out of their home. However, not much is known about Jesseca Dupart family.

Jesseca lived with her partner when she was going through her second pregnancy. Since her teenage year, she started working in a hair salon out of her family home. The need to care for her children made her independent. Jesecca Dupart claims persistence is the key for her success.

Jesseca Dupart’s life wasn’t easy even as she started working in the hair salon. She suffered a miscarriage soon afterward.

At 19 years old, Jesseca Dupart got pregnant again and gave birth to her third child. However, she has kept guard over the children’s father identity.

Jesseca Dupart was very young when she had her children, and hence she hadn’t considered taking a husband at the time.

Even now, Jesseca Dupart hasn’t found a suitable man who she can see as her husband.

In 2013 Jesseca Dupart began her own business. She started Kaleidoscope hair studio in August 2013. The business was going well until a few months later in December, the hair studio was damaged in a fire accident.

This was a great challenge to overcome. She eventually kicked off her business in April of 2014 by introducing a new hair product line under the brand Kaleidoscope Hair.

Jesseca Dupart has turned her hair saloon into a multi-million business industry and boasts 250K followers on Instagram. Her product line has also been endorsed from the celebrities such as Trina, Angela Yee, and Monica.

Who Is Jesseca Dupart Dating? Who Is Jesseca Dupart Husband?

Jesseca Dupart was very young when she had her children. However, she has kept her dating profile very secret. Neither has Jesseca Dupart revealed who her children’s father is.

Jesseca Dupart is emerging as a successful entrepreneur. She currently owns the Kaleidoscope Hair Product line. Being focused in her career and an aim to further her success, Jesseca Dupart is currently without a boyfriend and is not looking to date anyone.

How Much Is Jesseca Dupart Net Worth?

Jesseca Dupart is has grown to raise one of the multi-million dollar industry in hair product lines. She has established her own brand Kaleidoscope Hair Products which is a thriving business.

In 2013, Jesseca started her own business with Kaleidoscope Hair Studio. The beginning years were challenging for Jesseca. She says,

“The first month of business I didn’t make anything. But because I was a full-time hairstylist, I had some financial backing and put that money into the business. I didn’t start touching my profit until about two years in.”

After the success, Jesseca Dupart net worth now is estimated at $400,000.


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