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Last Updated On November 20, 2018

Who Is Jeremy Corbyn wife Laura Alvarez?

Jeremy Corbyn wife Laura Alvarez is one of the fewest, who has kept her life totally private. Married to the leader of the Labour Party, she hasn’t shared much of her husband’s interest in the public.

Laura Alvarez met Jeremy Corbyn back in 1999. She was visiting her sister Marcela at the time in London. Her sister’s estranged husband had abducted their daughter and fled to the US.

Laura along with her sister went to seek help with the late MP Tony Benn who in turn introduced Laura to Jermy Corbyn. Listening to the bizarre circumstance, Jeremy Corbyn made an effort to help them as he spoke to the police authorities.

Soon after, Jeremy Corbyn made a move on wife-to-be Laura and they started dating and fell in love. Since she had come to London to be with her sister in her hours of need, Laura had to return back to Mexico.

Even though Laura returned back to Mexico, they still continued to be in the long distance relationship. They continued their relationship for many years. Eventually, in 2013, Jeremy Corbyn proposed Laura to marry him.

The couple married in 2013 in Mexico after which the husband and wife moved to the UK. Currently, the couple lives in 1 million pounds terraced house in Finsbury Park.

Laura Alvarez husband had been married twice before. Jeremy Corbyn was married to Professor Jane Chapman in 1974. The marriage ended in divorce after five years. In 1987, Jeremy Corbyn was again married to Chilean exile Claudia Bracchitta with whom he had three children.

Laura Alvarez Wiki-Bio

Laura Alvarez age is 49 years. According to Laura Alvarez wiki, she is of Mexican nationality and was born in Mexico. She was born in the year 1969.

Laura Alvarez was a Mexican banker who established her own coffee production business when she moved to London. She came under scrutiny for paying the farmers much less salary for their effort. Following this incident in 2015, she rejected the Queen’s invitation to attend a banquet with Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2015.

For the wife of a politician, Laura Alvarez has maintained a very low profile. She is not seen much in public and stays away from the scorching eyes of media.

Laura Alvarez Net Worth

Jeremy Corbyn wife Laura Alvarez lived in Mexico before marrying her husband and moving to the UK. She was an employee at a bank in Mexico.

After she moved to the UK, she started her own business. She got into the business of coffee production and established the coffee company Cafe Mam for which she imported bean from Mexico. Therefore, we can say that Laura Alvarez net worth comes from her coffee production company.

However, in 2015, Laura Alvarez coffee company came under scrutiny accusing the company underpays their workers. According to reports, a farmer earned 93p for 500g coffee which Laura Alvarez sells for 10 pounds.

Laura Alverez is the sole director of Mexica Product Ltd. which is estimated to be worth at 600,000 pounds. However, there hasn’t been any official reports indicating Laura Alvarez net worth.

As of 2018, Laura Alvarez net worth is under review.

Laura Alvarez Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Husband, Nationality, Ethnicity

Name Laura Alvarez
Age 49 y/o
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Husband Yes ( Jeremy Corbyn )
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Latin


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