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Connie Crayden mafs birthday

Last Updated On February 14, 2020

INTERESTING Facts on mafs Connie Crayden wiki, bio, age, height, nationality, ethnicity, details on her relationship with partner and updates on her background.

The new cast members of Married at First Sight is here and is more interesting than before.

Married at First Sight is an American Television series where singles agree to marry partners chosen by relationship experts of the show. Amongst the many cast members, one of them is Connie Crayden, a 27-year-old girl from Melbourne.

The fans of this show are keen to know more about Connie Crayden. So without any further ado, let us move on with info on mafs Connie Crayden wiki facts.

Mafs Connie Crayden Quick Facts

Name Connie Crayden
Age 27 years old
Birthday 1993
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 143 lbs
Married no
Boyfriend Jonathen
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Background Retail Assistant


Who is Mafs Connie Crayden’s Boyfriend?

The Aspiring Marine Biologist had been single for five years since her last relationship. However, this changed with the experts of the show Married at First Sight.

In  February 2020, she was married to a cast member Jonathan.  The marriage took place in the show, and the match was perfect.

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Mr & Mrs 💍 #MAFS

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Jonathen is 27 years old and is from Gold Coast, Qld. He works as a Project Officer and the compatibility between the two partners was perfect.

How Old is Mafs Connie Crayden?

Mafs Connie Crayden was born in 1993, and as of 2020, Connie Crayden mafs age is 27 years old. Though the exact birthday of Connie Crayden is yet to be made public.

What is Mafs Connie Crayden Ethnicity?

Connie Crayden is from Melbourne, Australia and belongs to White Australian Ethnicity.

How Tall is Mafs Connie Crayden?

Connie Crayden is a girl of medium height and size. The exact height of mafs Connie Crayden is 5 ft 9 in, its 1.75m in meter.

Connie Crayden Mafs Instagram Updates

The Recently married Bride of Married at First Sight, Connie Crayden is happily married and is posting many pictures on her Instagram account.

Recently, Connie and her husband, Jonathen went to Broome for their honeymoon. Broome is a beach resort town in western Australia’s Kimberley region

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It was all smiles before I had to get on the Camel 😂 #MAFS

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Connie Crayden Mafs Wiki Bio, Background

The 27-year-old Connie is from Melbourne, Australia.  She is a Marine Biology student and works part-time as a Retail Assistant.

She has not yet mentioned anything about her family, except for her Mother. Her mother was against the show, however, Connie made her own decision and decided to continue.

Moreover, her educational background and career background is also not revealed yet. Maybe in the coming years, she will update more about herself.



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