Cailey Fleming Age, Height, Wiki, Biography, Instagram, Net Worth 2021


Cailey Fleming is an American actress best known for portraying the role of Judith Grimes on The Walking Dead.

She first rose to fame after playing as a young Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her popularity was further enhanced by thriller film Peppermint (2018)

Who are Cailey Fleming siblings? Who are Cailey Fleming parents? What are Cailey Fleming movies and TV shows? When is Cailey Fleming birthday?

Here is everything we know about her. As we begin with Cailey Fleming wiki, bio, age, height, scroll down to learn more about her school, background, net worth, and Instagram updates.

Cailey Fleming Quick Facts

Name Cailey Fleming
Age 13 years old
Height 4′ (1.22 m)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth $50k to $500k est.
Dating n/a
Partner/Boyfriend n/a

Birth Name / Real Name

 Cailey Fleming full name is Cailey Presley Fleming.

How Old Is Cailey Fleming? ( Age / Birthday )

Born in the year 2007, The Walking Dead actress Cailey Fleming age is currently 14 years old. Actress Cailey Fleming celebrates her birthday is on March 25 every year. 

Cailey Fleming age, height, birthday

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Cailey Fleming Instagram

You can follow Cailey Fleming on Instagram under the User ID @caileypresleyfleming. She has over 405k followers on the platform.

The teenager’s Instagram is managed by her mother. She appears to be very close to her father as well. Besides promoting her movies and TV shows, Fleming uses social media to share clips of her dancing and hanging out with friends.

Birth Place

Picayune, Mississippi, U.S.

Cailey Fleming Nationality

Cailey Fleming nationality is American.

School and Educational Background

Considering her age, Cailey Fleming is apparently in middle school. However, details about her school’s background aren’t disclosed.

Career Background

Fleming had a big breakthrough in the entertainment industry after playing the role of Young Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She was only eight years old at that time.

She was then featured in the 2018 action-thriller film Peppermint and AMC horror-drama television series The Walking Dead (2010).

Outside of her acting career, the budding actress is also a philanthropist and supporter of LifeToday.Org. “The organization has built over 6200 water wells globally to bring safe drinking water to children and their families in poor communities.”

Cailey Fleming other movies and TV series include One Mississippi (2015), Preacher (2017), Better Things (2017), Creep show (2019), The book of love (2016), Armed Response (2017), and more. Speaking one of her movies, she said,

“Before I saw my face, you could hear my voice, so I knew when my part was coming and then my face came on the big screen. I was excited. It’s a good movie and people should see it.”

Body Measurements


How Tall Is Cailey Fleming? (Height)

Actress Cailey Fleming currently stands at a height of  (1.22 m) while is like 4 feet. 



Eye Color


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Cailey Fleming Boyfriend and Dating

Speaking of her dating life, Cailey Fleming is still a young middle-school student. So, she probably doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment.

In addition, her social media doesn’t give any hint of her dating story. However, she does seem to have siblings and many cousins in her family. Details about her family life isn’t available.

Cailey Fleming Instagram

Cailey Fleming Ethnicity/ Race

Cailey Fleming ethnicity is Caucasian.

Cailey Fleming Net Worth and Salary 2020

With reference to Cailey Fleming net worth, she has been in Hollywood for half a decade. She has appeared in more than a dozen movies and TV shows altogether- let it be recurring roles or guest roles.

Her net worth is estimated to be between $50k to $500k. However, the emerging actress’s net worth is expected to increase in the subsequent years with her rising popularity.

Cailey Fleming Wiki Bio and Other Facts

  • Cailey Fleming was born on March 25, 2013.
  • That makes her age 13 as of 2020.
  • Her height is 4 feet currently.
  • Cailey Fleming parents are Matthew and Misty Fleming.
  • Whether she has siblings isn’t confirmed but she does have dogs in her home.
  • She is a supporter of LifeToday.Org.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be between $50k to $500k.
  • Cailey Fleming has appeared in a total of 15 movies and TV shows- most notably as Judith Grimes in The Walking Dead and Young Rey in Star Wars:The Force Awakens.