Blake Monar Bachelorette Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Updates!!

blake monar bachelorette wiki, bio, age, height, instagram

Blake Monar is a grooming specialist and former baseball player, widely known as a contestant on The Bachelorette. Blake was a contestant until the 2nd week of The Bachelorette which is currently in its sixteenth season. Even though he was eliminated quite early, he seems to be pretty popular and a fan favorite. With his rising popularity, Blake has managed to even gain more than 8000 followers on his Instagram.

The 30-year-old Blake Monar, was a baseball geek growing up. He started playing in the major leagues, a debilitating neuromuscular injury pushed him into early retirement. Blake’s next move was a bold one — he packed up his entire life and moved to Phoenix where he now owns and operates a cosmetic company. What’s Blake currently into? What’s his next move?

blake monar bachelorette age

Blake Monar Quick Facts

Birthday 1990 (approx.)
Birthplace Rockport, Indiana
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Grooming Specialist/Reality TV star
Relationship Status: Single
Salary/Income: $50,000-$80,000
Net Worth: Not disclosed
Height: 155 lbs
Parents: Not disclosed
Siblings: Not disclosed
Instagram: @blakemonar

Full Name

Blake Monar

How Old Is Blake Monar?

Being born sometime around the 1990s, the fashion grooming specialist, Blake Monar is 30 years old.

Zodiac Sign

The 30 year old was born in the year 1990 but his exact birth date hasn’t been disclosed, so his zodiac sign is unknown.




Grooming specialist

Family / Early Life

Blake Monar was born in 1990 in Indiana, United States to American parents. Blake who is a reality television personality and a grooming specialist is 30 years old as of 2020.

blake monar bachelorette height

He is known as a fashion geek but that wasn’t always the case. He used to be heavily into baseball. Two years into his dream, he started playing in the major leagues, a debilitating neuromuscular injury pushed him into early retirement.

Although this seems like a childhood dream, Blake really was looking for a career but this put him in a place where he had look for what he really wanted to do in his life.

Then he made the move and it was a bold one. He moved to Phoenix where he now owns and operates a cosmetic company. Although, we know he was born to American parents, he has yet to disclose their identities and his exact birth date.

Is Blake Monar in a Relationship? 

With his participation in the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette, Blake Monar was obviously there to find his future wife. Blake has said that his  dream woman someone who is incredibly secure in herself and has done the work to become the best version of them possible.

Even with all these hopes and intentions, Blake was eliminated in week 2 of the show. Since he was eliminated so early, he still seems to be continuing his quest to find love and his future wife outside the show. So, he seems to be single right now.

How much is Blake Monar worth?

Blake Monar is a grooming specialist but he isn’t an ordinary one. He is the founder and the CEO of Statumstyle where he posts and makes all kinds of designer clothes and jeans as well as all the organic grooming products. In addition to that, he is also a reality TV star now. Blake has these guaranteed sources of income, so he lives quite a wealthy and lavish life. He earns quite a huge sum of money from his brand and his job as a specialist. His income as a grooming specialist is somewhere around  $50,000-$80,000 but he has other sources as we mentioned. Although we know his sources of income, his net worth hasn’t been estimated or disclosed.



Eye Color 


Sexual Orientation 


Body Measurements 

The 30-year-old, groom specialist is a pretty well-built man and looks pretty well-groomed himself. He stands at a standard height of 5 feet 9 inches which goes well with his body and build. also, he weighs just around 155 lbs, flaunting his muscular well-built body.