Benjamin Allen Cohen Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Mother, Andy Cohen Son!

Benjamin Allen Cohen Andy Cohen Son

The famous American Celebrity kid, Benjamin Allen Cohen is the firstborn child of the famous American TV talk show host, Andy Cohen.

Benjamin has a closet full of hand-me-downs from Sarah Jessica Parker’s kids and frequently hangs out with Anderson Cooper and John Mayer.

Right after Benjamin was born, Andy told People,

“He was so alert for the first two hours. His eyes were wide open. He didn’t cry; he was just calm. I kind of have no words for it.”

Benjamin Allen Cohen and Andy Cohen are loved by many people. Scroll down to learn more about Benjamin Allen Cohen Wiki, Biography, Birthday, Height, Nationality, Benjamin Allen Cohen Mother, Benjamin Allen Cohen parents, and more!

Benjamin Allen Cohen Wiki Facts

Full Name Benjamin Allen Cohen
Birthday February 04. 2019
Age 1 year 11 months old
Zodiac Aquarius
Gender Male
Height 0.85m
Parents Andy Cohen
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Celebrity Kid

Benjamin Allen Cohen Wiki / Biography

Benjamin Allen Cohen was born to parent Andy Cohen on February 04, 2019. He was born via surrogate mother in California. Unfortunately, the details of Benjamin’s surrogate mother aren’t available to the public knowledge.

Andy cohen holding his son Benjamin
Andy cohen holding his son Benjamin

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However, we know that Benjamin was named after Andy’s grandfather Ben Allen, a classic and family name. Born to a famous talk show host, Benjamin isn’t even two years old but he is already enjoying a lavish lifestyle adored and loved by many.

We look forward to the fine person Benjamin will turn out to be in the near future!

Benjamin Allen Cohen Age / Birthday

The famous American television talk show host, Andy Cohen’s son Benjamin Allen Cohen was born on February 04, 2019. Benjamin was born to his surrogate mother in California. Currently, Andy Cohen’s son Benjamin Allen Cohen age is 1year and 11 months old.

Benjamin Allen Cohen Height / Weight

Benjamin Allen Cohen aka the celebrity kid famous for being the firstborn son of Andy Cohen is of good height and healthy body weight for a child.

Who is Benjamin Allen Cohen Baby Mama

Benjamin Allen Cohen is raised by a single father, Andy Cohen, the famous TV talk show host. However, Andy Cohen is a gay man and hasn’t been together with women so, while growing up Andy never thought it would be possible for him to grow up and have a family.

But Andy had his first baby boy, Benjamin Allen Cohen via a surrogate mother in California. Unfortunately, Andy hasn’t opened up about the details of the surrogate mother. However, Andy is forever grateful to the surrogate mother for giving him a family of his own.

Benjamin Allen Cohen Parents

Benjamin was born via surrogate mother in California to a single father, Andy Cohen in 2019. 

As a gay man, growing up Andy Cohen thought he would never have a normal life let alone a family. But, as time moved forward Andy’s dream was fulfilled when he welcomed his son, Benjamin to the world for the very first time.

Benjamin Allen Cohen Parent
Andy Cohen and Benjamin Allen Cohen celebrating the first birthday

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So, Andy expressed his gratitude towards the surrogate mother who gave him the ultimate gift i.e. his son, Benjamin. Andy is happy to have a family of his own. However, Andy hasn’t revealed if he plans to raise Benjamin as a single parent or not.